Still not sold on mariota

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by wycheck28, Sep 10, 2017.

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    Not good. Though he was under duress on one of those throws and the defensive holding threw off their timing, and the other was a free play.

    Those knocking Davis need to watch those. He beat his guy both despite all of the illegal contact, and those are two huge gains which didn't happen because of inaccurate throws. So let's point the finger in the right direction when complaining about Davis not producing.
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    No you're missing the point.

    I clearly stated in my post that Mariota is superior to VY in every way as a QB.

    I also made it clear I'm not comparing him to VY in talent level, or as a QB. Just the fact the type of season he is having reminds me of a VY type of year. Mariota is more accurate, smarter, faster and more mature by miles.

    And I wasn't the one that brought up the "winner" angle. Somebody else did. That's why I chimed in with my post.

    Cause when anyone used the "winner" angle for VY, it was refuted as bull****. But I see some of y'all are willing to give it a pass and use it for Marcus.

    And yeah, you're looking like a Mariota defender cause I have already made it clear it wasn't a negative shot at Marcus and you're still taking it as one.
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    We must have missed on the point. This isn't how I read your post that I first commented on. My bad then.

    Second, that "winner" thing that I referenced was originally to someone else also. Then as I read your post, it sounded like you were saying the same thing.

    As far as using it for Mariota, take it up with people who actually do that. I will usually comment on how stupid "winner" is, as a positive is for any QB, historical or present.

    My post was never about defending Mariota. We both agreed that he hasn't done all that great this year and his numbers show but I misunderstood thinking you were saying Mariota was as bad as VY (while actually kind of complementing both) and I was saying that you're free to knock Mariota pretty much all you want, but VY is just awful.
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    Marcus injury prone y'all
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    I like how peeps are saying that Mariota's stats have gone down this year, but the Titans are winning, and Mariota seems to be doing better in clutch situations.

    This is a great affirmation of ESPN Total QBR, which unlike most other stats takes into account clutch vs normal time vs garbage time.

    Mariota Total QBR
    2017 57.6 (So far)
    2016 59.1
    2015 48.4

    There is a slight down tick from last year, but not as much as other traditional stats would show, because while last year Mariota had many more touchdown and yards last year, he also had several game killing turnovers in clutch 4 qtr situations, and this year he has been much more clutch at the end of the first half and at the end of the 4th qtr.

    And 2015 was so low in part due to massive numbers of fumbles and sacks.

    Total QBR is in NO way a perfect stat, but it DOES partially validate the eye ball test that this year Mariota has worse passing stats while performing much better in the clutch.
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    Offensive line play has been the elephant in the room. Every player on the line is having a down year, and while it isn't atrocious, it is still limiting every aspect of the offense.
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    Mm8 has continued to have an inaccurate deep ball, no one should dispute that. But, he been goo throwing mid, short, running the ball, not fumbling as much and on crucial downs. Face it guys, this is his game. If mm8 is alliwed to play his game, we are perfectly fine. The problem is, we force him into "uncomfortable" situations. We need to test the deep ball to open up the short game, but can't force it like we do. Mm8 should not be doubted at all, considering the handcuffed o we run. Instead of focusing on the run, we should focus on what makes mm8 a really good player. We don't have anyone else on o that should be held at that standard, besides lewan. This team is way to centered around henry/murray. But, i saw some positive play calling on sunday.
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    80% of the time Robiskie sends 1 Wide Receiver down the field in a 2 WR set and expects Mariota to fit the ball in triple coverage. He'll never get better at throwing the deep ball if we dont spread the field more.
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    Yea i dont think he will ever develop a consistent deep ball but thats ok. Cater the offense to his strengths is a no brainer. I think.the biggest issue is that mariota doesnt have many options on pass plays unless their 15 yards down the field. He is getting better though and he is certainly capable of proving us wrong. I didnt think he would ever shake off his fumbling issues but he has overcame that in a big way.
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