So we are desperate at linebacker?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Feb 1, 2014.

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    I was saying in another thread. I'm warming up to C.J. Mosley and off Barr and Mack
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    CJ Mosley falls because of durability alone. Dislocated elbow, dislocated hip and shoulder injuries.
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    Morgan weighs about 280 lbs. Not really OLB material even in a 3-4. I think he could bulk up and play RDE in a one gap 3-4.
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    This is exactly what I would do
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    Morgan playing OLB, LOL. Dude can barely play DE.
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    Morgan would lose about 10 pounds to play outside or gain 10 to play inside. He's a good football player he just is not an elite pass rusher but he puts consistent pressure on the QB. He can play either position but on the outside he would be hard to block on running plays.

    Ryan Kerrigan is a similar sized guy who weighed 267 at his combine and has been a damn good 3-4 OLB weighing about 10 lbs less than that. Brian Orakpo and Aldon Smith are about the same size as Morgan.

    The problem with using Morgan inside is that we already have plenty of guys to play that 3-4 end position. Especially if we resign Pitotua which we should try to do.

    The draft presents far better 3-4 end opportunities than OLB opportunities. Guys like Hegeman, Tuitt and Jernigan should be there at 11 where al the top edge rushers are likely gone
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    Morgan is listed at 6'3 271 by His combine cone time of 7.12 was better than Zach Brown and Lovante David's cone times. Coverage would not be his strong suit and he obviously would not be used that way often but i think he can play that strong side OLB. Perhaps the plan is to use bigger DE type guys on the strong side and faster smaller guys like Brown or Gooden on the weak side in more of a hybrid look.

    Either way the role is not that different from playing DE.
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    Are you being serious, I'm just curious?

    So Morgan playing in space as an OLB is as simple as dropping 10 pounds? Likewise adding 10 pounds would bet him play inside? I'm sorry but he doesn't move well enough in space to ever play OLB unless his ONLY responsibility is rushing the passer, which is unlikely. Also I don't care, if he weighed 290 or not, he would get eaten alive playing inside.

    Frankly I feel this guy should be traded now. If we trade him while he's under contract we may get something for him; wait a year when he's a URFA and we won't get crap for him. The guy is a top 20 pick and get's 6 sacks a year, I'm sorry but that is just unacceptable.
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    In related news, Vikings just dropped Erin Henderson, pretty good ILB who saw some time at OLB. Made 3 sacks and is good at stopping the run. Wonder if he'd fit into our plans any. Would certainly effect our draft strategy.
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    1. He is a 4-3 guy -- we do not need more of those
    2. He was released for being arrested repeatedly -- do not need more of that
    3. He uses the feminine spelling of his name -- "Erin" instead of "Aaron"
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