Should Titans Ever Consider Trading Up?

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    The only elite star I see in this draft is Robert Griffin, and there's no way in hell we'd ever chase him down. We just used last years 1st on a QB and Dan Snyder gave away his first born to move up to take Griffin.

    If there was a star we could realistically get then I'd stand behind this idea, but there's not so moving up is not happening.

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    What draft was there an obvious Hall of Famer in? And how far are we gonna go with this?

    Let's start with 2007 cause in the years prior to 2007 we had early picks.

    So 2007 we took Mike Griffin 19th overall. And before him there was Calvin Johnson (2), Adrian Peterson (7), Patrick Willis (11), and Darrelle Revis (14)

    To be real with you, the only one of those guys I could have said would be HoF worthy would have been Peterson and Willis. So yea maybe we should look further into this.

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    2008 we picked 24th overall, and took Chris Johnson. I'll stop there cause IMO up til now he's been by far the best pick in that class.

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    2009 we picked 30th overall and drafted Kenny Britt. So lets see who's been good so far.

    Brian Cushing (15), Clay Matthews (26), Hakeem Nicks (29)

    Trading up for any of them would have cost is our 30th pick and our 2nd round pick, maybe even our 3rd if we wanted Cushing. IMO never worth it to lose 3 players for 1 guy. What do you do when that 1 player is out? Cushing for one is a juice head so you never know if he's getting suspended or not.

    But then again, Kenny Britt stays hurt, so IDK.
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    I would be fine with trading up as long as we aren't using future year draft picks to do so.

    This year I don't see why would we trade up unless it's for Blackmon.
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    I agree that if Ingram is still there around 14 or 15 we should at least call and find out what the price is to move. I'm totally against trading future picks, or any picks higher than a 4th this year.

    BUT something that hasn't been brought up is trading players to move up. I can understand why this hasn't been mentioned because last year, with the CBA trading players wasn't allowed. Would players like Mariani, Lavelle, Marks, S. Smith be enough to move up just a few spots? I remember when we drafted Verner we traded LenDale and I think Kevin Vickerson to the Seahawks to move up like 10 spots, but that was in the 4th.

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    Those players you mentioned stink. Who would want them?

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    LOL no, the only guy with any weight there is Mariani and he has very little if any. You ask to trade those guys for a draft pick and we get laughed at.
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    I see all this fear from losing future picks when we dont even know who they could be used on. I know the 1st & 2nd round picks are valuable as you are using them on the top rated talent that year. But any other round in my option is totally a crap shoot.

    For example, we spent one of our 2x 3rd round picks in '10 on Rennie Curran who now isnt even on the roster. I can give you many more examples of picks like this that are completely wasted because no one really ever knows who is good. But a top rated guy at a specific position is hard to mess up.

    Like I mentioned earlier, we could have traded up just ONE spot to get Pierre-Paul over Morgan in '10. All the mock drafts that years had the Titans taking PPaul and we missed him because we either didnt think the Giants would take him or because we NEVER trade up.

    In that same draft the 9ers traded up 2 spots in first round from 13 to 11 so they could draft Anthony Davis who is now a key part of their #1 ranked D. Based on how the Titans draft, they would have waited at 13 and let Davis get taken by another team.

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    I just remembered, we did trade up to draft Eddie George.