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    WR is becoming on of our biggest needs. Initially it was guard, we picked up Levitre & Turner. Bigger NT, we picked up Hill. Powerback, we picked up Green. Safety, we picked up Pollard & Wilson. I think our 3 biggest needs right now are CB, DE, and WR (in no order). OG/C is still a need, but you can find guards in midrounds that end up starters year 1. We still need a starting caliber CB and DE depth.. but WR has been talked about alot here, figured i'd make a thread for it.

    Here's what we got:
    Britt: Injured or Legal Issues 24/7. 45 rec, 589 yards, 4 TDs last year. Final year of contract. 24 years old.
    Washington: On the trade block. 46 rec, 746 yards, 4 TDs last year. 2 years remaining. 30 years old.
    Writt: #20 pick last year, not a #1? 64 rec, 626 yards, 4 TDs last year. 3 years remaining. 23 years old.
    Williams: Shows potential, will he get a shot? 30 rec, 324 yards, 0 TDs last year. Final year. 24 years old.
    Hawkins should be cut. Mariani is nothing but a returner. Preston is unlikely to be on the team.

    Tightends: Walker has alot of drops. Stevens is nothing more than average. Thompson is raw.

    We really need to find someone who can be our true #1 WR, can we find someone in the 2nd. Here's all the receivers who could be available at our 2nd:

    Cordarrelle Patterson, 6'2 216, Jr, Tenn
    Tavon Austin, 5'9 174, Sr, WVU
    DeAndre Hopkins, 6'1 214, Jr, Clemson
    Keenan Allen, 6'2 206, Jr, Cali
    Robert Woods, 6'1 201, Jr, USC
    Quinton Patton, 6'0 204, rSr, LA Tech
    Terrance Williams, 6'2 208, rSr, Baylor
    Justin Hunter, 6'4 196, Jr, Tenn
    It's likely that the top-4 will be gone, but i'd love if Hopkins/Allen fell to our 2nd. We just need to go with this model: 1st: OG/DE/CB 2nd: WR 3rd: OG/DE/CB 3rdC: OG/DE/CB - and we'd bet SET.

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    By "midrounds" I hope you meant 2nd rounders

    these are the top Guards in last years draft

    Amini Silatolu 2nd round 15 starts
    Cordy Glenn 2nd round 13 starts
    Peter Konz 2nd round 10 starts
    Jeff Allen 2nd round 13 starts(at tackle)
    Kelechi Osemele 2nd round 16 starts (at tackle)

    Josh LeRibeus 3rd round 0 starts
    Brandon Brooks 3rd round 0 starts
    Tony Bergstrom 3rd round 1 start
    Gino Gradkowski 4th round 0 starts
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    2nd-3rd, I should of said "early" mid rounds. I'm praying for Barrett Jones in the 3rd.
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    I really don't see how WR is one of our biggest needs.....we have fairly good players at wide out.

    We have an offensive line that is swiss cheese still needing a solid center and another guard, we have a defensive line that couldn't apply pressure to a senior class whore in the back of a beat up high schoolers car, a free safety that won't hit a pillow. I think we have far more pressing needs than WR.

    I wouldn't be opposed to taking one around the 4th round but I think there are players out there in the first few rounds that can fill our more glaring needs.
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    We've added two potential starters at guard. Pickup a guard in the 1st-3rd round and were set. Velasco played great last year considering who was next to him on both sides. Levitre-Velasco-Draftee is a solid trio in the middle. Turner can backup any of the 3 spots.

    Believe it or not, but our defense was 9th in sacks last year. We added Sammie Lee Hill to help free up Wimbley. Morgan was a no-show to start the year, but was dominating at the end of the year, we need him to produce like that all 16 games. We still only have Wynn & Solomon for depth, with Ayers in nickle situations, so another DE is needed (1st-3rdC rounds).

    We can't do anything about Griffin. He's here for another year, but we did upgrade the spot next to him. Hopefully that will free him up more to be a "ballhawk" and not have to worry about the openfield tackles.

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    We really don't. Washington is one good hit away from a wheelchair, and had a very pedestrian season last year. He only had 2 catches in most games.

    Britt, I mean Mr. Dumb Ass is one arrest away from being hung

    Then there's Wright who seems like a solid WR, but after that there's just a bunch of back-ups.

    I like Williams but he's not a huge threat either, we could certainly use a WR early.
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    I think we wait until our comp.3rd to get a receiver because I really don't believe that their is a guy that has distanced himself from the pack. My top 1o goes:
    1. Allen
    2. Patterson
    3. Woods
    4. Hunter
    5. Hopkins
    6. Dobson
    7. Patton
    8. Auston
    9. Rodgers
    10. Williams

    I don't see one as being that much better then any other and one of them should be availble at 96 (hopefully Dobson). I also wouldn't mind taking a 5th round flier on a guy like Marcus Davis out of VA Tech to round out our receiving core with a project: Britt/Wright/Washington/Williams/Dobson/Davis
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    I suppose...

    I want a beast at center. Someone to captain and anchor down the O Line, been wanting one for years. Mawae was the best center we have had but other than them, its been a rotating door at that position for years.
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    Quinton Patton is a guy to look out for, pretty sure I hyped this guy up a bit in my WR thread like a month ago so I'm just going to keep doing it.

    -He's from the Nashville area and is actually a Titans fan. That would be a nice change up.
    -He has good size and speed, became a really good deep threat for LT last year.
    -Also seems to be a good possession WR, which is kind of weird since he's already a really good deep threat. He can go up and get it.
    -He needs to work on his underneath routes, which would be okay for us since we already have Wright and Washington (for now). We can groom this guy to fill Britt's role next year and then if he continues to develop he can be a true #1 all around guy for the future.

    Hopkins and Hunter would also be nice.
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    to add on to what xpmar9x has said...

    -Britt is probably gone at the end of the year because he's probably not going to get that great of an offer from us.
    -We have Wright, kind of a limited outside guy right now so I hope we open up the playbook for him more next year.
    -Washington is just about done, take that as his career or just done with us.
    -After that? I...uhm...*crickets*

    Also on the OL I think we're forgetting Velasco was really good last year and we definitely need to get him a new contract. We just need a RG and some depth at this point.