Replacing CJ With A Physical RB Could Be What The Offense Needs

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    Yea thats a good way to explain it. Good pic
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    The Titans are not going to trade for any RB during the season. We have three RBs on the roster besides CJ.

    Assuming things don't get better CJ won't be on the team next year and we will probably lose Ringer as well as he becomes a FA. So I can see them potentially drafting a RB at some point next year.

    I do think CJ is going to be splitting more carries as the year goes on even if he doesn't outright get benched. They have no choice. But I don't see any RB having much better success with the scheme and blocking. This is a passing team first now and locker better ice his arm after each game because he is going to pitching quite a few balls as the season goes on.

    And I agree, we would be better off with a guy who can pound the rock even if it is at 3.0 YPC as long as they are consitent enough to give us 3rd and 5 or less. A guy like Harper should be able to do that.
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    Abandoning the run was a contributor to us getting our ask handed to us the first two games. Youre not going to shut our elite offenses regardless of how good your defense is. You have to keep that offense off of the field. We allowed Rivers and Brady to be on the field far too long. We almost lost this game in the second half by giving Detroit's offense too much time on the field. You really though we were going to continue to shut down Calvin Johnson?! We lucked up in this game off of some very big plays
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    We did get lucky from some very big plays in key moments during the victory against Detroit but we can't expect that to happen every week.So i do think the coaching staff needs to pretty much put a limit on the amount of times they hand CJ the ball.We really have no choice but to become a passing team because our running game is horrible.If they give CJ the ball too much and he is losing yardage then we will not win or most likely get blown out from the defense being on the field forty five minutes a game.

    I know this would probably never happen but i'd love to see someone else come in and put up numbers running the ball because once that does happen it will expose and show that CJ is indeed the weakest link on the offense.I know some may not agree but i think if we had a good physical runner in there picking up yardage it would do good things for our offense and keep us on the field longer.CJ dancing backward loses yardage and kills our time of possession not to mention puts our defense on the field way too long.Picking up a solid running game would clear up all this.

    I like CJ as much as the next guy but he is clearly done and our team is suffering because of it.

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    Maybe with could replace CJ with this woman, would cost a lot less and we'd get about the same production form her

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    im mesmerized

    its total fail yet total awsome
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    I have always thought we need a physical backup to CJ. Like we had with Lendale White. That is when CJ was at his best. Switching off with a big physical guy. Instead we have CJ most of the time and switch it up with Javon Ringer, who is smaller than CJ. We make it too easy for opposing defences.
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    Its called thunder and lightning for a reason. If we can have that type of backfield again we will dominate in the run game!

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    I miss the Smash & Dash days
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    Say what you want about Lendale, but I had no doubt he would get it in the endzone once we got inside the 5!
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