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Reading the coverage: Is Schaub on path to elite?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. NewsGrabber Guest

    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

    Never mind further ado. Without any ado, here's what's been written about the AFC South this morning...

    Houston Texans

    • In the last month, Steve Slaton is the NFL's most prolific running back, writes Megan Manfull.
    • Jerome Solomon says Houston just may be witnessing the development of an elite NFL quarterback in Matt Schaub.
    • Schaub won AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in Green Bay, writes Manfull.
    Indianapolis Colts

    • It's the defense that's revived the Colts' season, writes Phil Richards.
    • Bob Kravitz calls on the Colts and those who run the building to do the right thing. Lucas Oil Stadium should not be cost prohibitive for high school championships.
    • Joseph Addai has a bad right shoulder, but Dominic Rhodes is ready to step in if needed, says Mike Chappell.
    • The Colts' desire is to stay at the head of the wild card line, according to Chappell.
    Jacksonville Jaguars

    • Jags sign two after Greg Jones goes on IR. Michael C. Wright provides the details.
    • Fred Taylor could be next in line for IR for the black cloud Jags, says Vito Stellino.
    Tennessee Titans

    • Slaton is the only running back to top 100 yards against the Titans this season, says Jessica Bliss.
    • Joe Biddle praises the Titans' work in red zone offense.
    • Michael Roos isn't so sure he hasn't given up a sack, writes Gary Estwick in his notes.
    • Has "Smash and Dash" become "Smash and Grab," asks Estwick.
    • Another take on the "Smash and Dash" debate, from Terry McCormick.
    • Kyle Vanden Bosch's status is up in the air again, writes McCormick in his notes.

  2. maximus Camp Fodder

    Schaubb can't stay healthy. If he could, he would be a great QB, though
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    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    What a pile of crap.

    After one big game.This is the same type of analysis that spawned the Jets as SB favourites two weeks ago.
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  3. Texxan Camp Fodder

    Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell... but the tools are there. Thats all the article was saying.

    To be off for a month and come back on the road in zero degree weather in Lambeau and throw for over 400 yards is not exactly unimpressive. The Texans still won despite giving up 4 turnovers.

    Lets see what he does this Sunday against a Titans D who has had his number in the past.
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    MJTitans Chris Whitley look him up

    Reading the Coverage: Is Kuharsky on path to loco?


    The NFL caption on the game page says it all: "Texans QB Matt Schaub snapped a nine-game skid as a starter on the road."

    Johnson elite. Daniels elite (and way underrated). Slaton very impressive.

    Shaub lucky to have elite friends.
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