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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by ammotroop, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. ammotroop

    ammotroop Airforce MAN

    I am going to post some questions that I have before the season starts, then check back in the middle of the season to see what the what happens.

    1. Did we ROYALLY screw up letting Henry go? Can one of our 3 step up to replace him.

    2. Did we screw up drafting Griff? It looks like he isnt starting ANYWHERE (I know its still early), and we needed a DE bad.

    3. Will the PacMan Void be filled? By committee, a suprise player (Finny)?

    4. Vince Young. There are so many haters out there it is crazy. I have sirous and they all DROOL over Cutler and Lienart. Can VY make great strides in improving the passing game this year?

    5. Our Defense. Can they improve from 32 to the teens? I think they will, but we will see.

    6. Fisher. Will he be back next year? I hope so, but lets see.

    7. Our Record. All I ask is for improvement. We went 8-8 last year, so I will not be happy with anything less than 9-7. I think we have a chance for it as I think Jacksonville, and the Colts are not as strong as they were last year.

    Most teams have these same questions. These are some things I was thinking about on my 3 hour drive this morning.
  2. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    YES, the Titans messed up by letting Travis Henry go. Travis is going to be a MONSTER in Denver and their system, that is devised to let a RB flourish. Although I'm a Titans fan, I admit that I'm excited for Travis and can't wait until their first regular season game to see how many yards he gets. When the Titans play in Denver, I admit that I'm going to be cheering for Travis as well.

    With that, I predict that Chris Henry is going to have an amazing rooking season. I think he will make a bid for Rookie of the Year.

    The Titans will go 12-4.
  3. ammotroop

    ammotroop Airforce MAN

    I know how you feel Elf. I was a big fan of Henrys at UT, Bills, and was estatic when we got him here. After that great year, and all the money we had, I just new that we were going to resign him. I am rooting for Lendale, but it still stings hearing all the good things coming out of denver.
  4. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I'll be really ticked about losing T. Henry IF LW and C. Henry don't produce.
    Even if we do get solid production from the guys we have now you still have to wonder if we couldn't have come to terms with Travis at a dollar amount well below what he ended up getting at Denver and then not had to use a 2nd round pick on another RB not to mention also re-signing C. Brown for almost 2 mil per year this year. Who knows what that 2nd round pick could have given us (that DE we need maybe).

    Another question that wasn't asked and maybe the most important one is can a couple of these guys we have at WR step up and prove themselves to be high quality NFL talent. The FO was so impressed with the 3rd year guys they used three draft picks on the position and have also signed Gage and Moulds. People can say Bennett was easy to replace (maybe he is) but we sure have a bunch of picks and a couple of FAs in Moulds and Gage just to try and find someone to maybe team with Brandon Jones to give us two solid guys.

    I'll also be a little miffed if Griffin doesn't make it on the field as atleast a NB and STs. Taking a guy that high we should have just handed him the FS job and so to and be a stud.
  5. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    First of all, I don't think it is fair to judge wether the Titans made a mistake by not signing THenry, and then basing that comparison on his numbers in the Denver offense, isn't comparable.

    Second, if the Defense doesn't improve significantly with some of our guys getting health and more experienced, when will we ever fire Schwartz? Or will this year be blamed on Pacman as his escape clause?

    Receivers, I'm not expecting much from any of them, especially not consistency, and Troupe WILL get hurt again! Scaife will be our best reciever, followed by BJones and Moulds.

    Griffin will be on the field consistently by week 5, the coaches will find that he is a playmaker and cannot afford to keep him off the field.

    Lastly, I hate to say it but, the Madden Curse will consume Vince and his season will end prematurely. I just hope it isn't a knee. We probably won't win 7 games.
  6. Puck

    Puck Pro Bowler

    People forget that Henry was non -existent in his first year here, and through 4 games last year. No doubt he might be effective in Denver, but then again Shanny's been able to get production out of UDFA's, it's the system, not necessarily the player

    I doubt it. he's got alot of upside
    the fact that he's being looked at for usage at 2 positions is promising

    losing Adam stings a bit, but it's a necessary evil
    we've got some great depth at Corner now
    our secondary should be MUCH improved over last year

    Vince wins . period.
    Matt and Jay might have better passing 'numbers', but then again, they both have better options at receiver. Matt has arguably the best 1-2 punch outside of Indianapolis

    maybe not quite the 'teens', but I can see improvement into the low 20's

    Jeff's definitely on the hot seat
    if he can't improve on 8-8, I see him coaching another team next year
    the fact that he's not been extended should tell you something

    we lost 3 games by a field goal or less
    we could have easily been 11-5 last year
    I'm looking for 10-6
    anything less than 8-8 might get him a pink slip
  7. The Mrs

    The Mrs Crush on Casey Starbucks!

    Vince is a special kind of guy, I think he beats the Madden Curse. I mean, everything is against him with the history, but hasn't everything always been against him and he beats it?
  8. BigRed3

    BigRed3 Straight Cash, Homey

    I think that the Travis Henry thing is a little over played. Travis Henry's success last year directly corresponds with Vince becoming the starter. He was garbage until the first Indy game last year, coincidentally Vince's second start. I'm not exactly saying that Travis Henry is bad, but I think that the defense keying on Vince seemed to take pressure off of the backs.
  9. Jwill1919

    Jwill1919 Coach

    How come they couldn't put some smug ******* like TOwens on the Madden Cover?
  10. ammotroop

    ammotroop Airforce MAN

    You see, I disagree with you about Henry being succesful because of Vince. I think Vince was succesful because of Henry. And I am not comparing Henry in the Denver offense. I will be comparing him to his numbers he got here last year and the fact that he would have improved a little. So I am looking for a 1500 yard season out of one our backs. That IMHO is what Henry would have gotten us this year HERE IN TN.
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