Peyton Manning cleared to play.

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    The reality of this Manning situation is that we will probably never know if the Titans had any interest. When Manning gets released, the Titans' front office will deny that they have interest in him. They will have no choice but to do this because they need to protect themselves (and their relationship with Matt Hasselbeck) in case they don't get Manning. Some team will probably end up giving Manning a huge contract and the Titans will move forward with Hasselbeck/Locker. We will never know if they made an offer to Manning or not.

    So, just try to get ready for it. This is probably wishful thinking, but it would be nice if we could keep the "OMG Ruston Webster SUUUUCKS" posts to a minimum. He is going to say that he has no interest in Peyton Manning because he pretty much has to.
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    Couldn't disagree more.

    The Colts know they have lost talent over the years and they want the next Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck for the next 15 years. If Andrew Luck ends up as good as one of the elites, they'll be happy to pay him the same giant salary that eats up their cap space just like they did with Manning for years.

    They also won a Superbowl last year so I'm guessing they're ok with how things worked out.
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    My comments were they do not want to pay a ton of money to Manning AND Luck if they have needs elsewhere—which they clearly do.
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    I agree they don't want to pay a ton of money to Manning and Luck. That's why they are going to release Manning and draft Luck #1 overall. They want to build up for another long run of domination.
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    I just watched the second to last defense in the league play for a superbowl..

    Yeah, it would be bad for CAP and we'll have to wait to see Locker. But Peyton Manning healthy makes any team a superbowl contender. Don't care who the defense is or receivers. As long as he's got a line to keep him upright he's going to keep his team competitive. The colts were 2-14 without him!
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    As I predicted, Webster is not going to even hint that the Titans are interested in Manning.

    “Obviously (Manning) is a great player in the league,” Webster said. “But on the flip side of that, we’re excited about our quarterback situation.

    “We’re very happy with our quarterback situation – what the future holds with Jake and what Matt has done for us,” Webster said. “With any position we’re always looking to get better, so that will always be something we look at. But … we have a lot of places we need to get better. But we do like our quarterback situation and the three guys we have there.”


    Sounds like they will at least consider it (as I'm sure almost every team will), but they will not speak publicly about it. I really doubt Manning is a Titan in 2012, but I guess you never know.
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    yeah no way we're going to come out publicly and say we have interest especially since Manning hasn't even been released.

    But even after that, we don't want to damage the relationships we have with our current QB's for no reason..

    I don't expect to see anything concrete from the media until Peyton is actually signed. Until then it will just be smoke and mirrors and guessing.
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    .. As we should be happy with our QB situation. Let's focus on DL, S & OL.
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    Correct answer from Webster, even if we were dying to get our hands on Manning, saying so at this point in time would be shooting yourself in the foot. I'd love to have Manning as much as anyone else, I think he's easily the best QB of our generation. He doesn't have the rings that Brady/Eli/Big Ben have but it's not a one man sport. Peyton's (as much as I hate to admit it as a Titans fan) been phenomenal since he joined the league. The good thing about signing him is that he doesn't rely on his legs to make plays. If his arm is still functioning, that and his brain are enough to make any team a superbowl contender.

    That being said, I do agree that we're in a good spot and we should probably avoid overpaying him. I'd rather pick up Mario Williams for the next 5 years than have Manning for the next 2.