Munch: "I ain't changin' chit"

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Sep 17, 2012.

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    They won because those teams didn't even need a coach. Anyone with a pulse could have "coached" those Lakers/Bulls teams to rings.

    As a Lakers fan, I've always said Phil Jackson is the most overrated coach in sports. When it came down to it, his strategy was usually bad. Luckily he had Kobes, Shaqs, Jordans, etc to overcome it while he "zen'd" out.

    If my boss never changed his facial expression even when I did terrible, I'd get a bit lazy... as would most, I'd think.
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    IMO, if you are not self-motivated to be the best, then you need to find something else to do—especially if you are a professional athlete. If any of the Titans need a rah-rah coach to get them playing hard, they need to be selling cars or something.

    Remember how this team quit on Fisher? A player's coach. Fist-pumping and hugging VY? Yeah. That works.
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    To be fair, Jackson's offense was quite sophisticated and nuanced. And he knew how to deal with the ego's of superstar NBA players. Not many NBA coaches can do that.
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    I think the point is getting lost. It's not that I want Munchak to punch Griffin in the throat when he whiffs on a tackle... Well I guess I do, but that's not what this is about. Just any sign, any sign at all that he cares about the game being played in front of him...

    Of course, this comes second to a good gameplan. If you want the players to play better, give them a gameplan they can buy into. How hard do you try when you're being set up for failure? If you want momentum and you want to keep momentum, start fighting for your players on the sideline so they will fight for you on the field. That's what I believe. I couldn't care less about the Lakers. It looks like our players are just reflecting their leadership.

    F*ck Phil Jackson. Jim Washburn. /thread
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    Not the same. If Ron-ron sat with his hands down his pants and watched Lebron perform the dunk contest on him 3 times in a row, the zen master would be tripping his balls. Even if he didn't flip, it would be brutally obvious how pissed he was, and you can sure as hell bet Ron isn't staying in the game.

    CMM often looks like a bewildered man who just kind of stumbled onto the sideline and doesn't really know what is happening.

    Doing nothing is fine when the players are doing what they are supposed to do. But here we have Palmer closing his eyes and pointing at his playbook, the offensive line being abused enough to file charges, and Micheal Griffin playing like a cheer leader.

    And there is our coach; expressionless, saying "Yeah... we're just going to see where this thing goes".

    That isn't good news. I'm by all means a calm person, but at some point you have to snap. On Sunday, I'm doing my best to make Griffin cry after those first two TDs, and then I'm sending he and CJ to the bus at halftime. I'm putting Locker on ice and sending different linemen out there until I find I group with enough of a sack to not get penetrated regularly.
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    Pros can go 100% on their own desire or they are not pros.

    But, for some, if Munch did cartwheels, the Titans are 2-0 right now.
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    might still be 0-2 but at least there would have been cartwheels
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    That's your opinion. Doesn't mean that's really how the world works.

    And show me proof the team quit on Fisher. If the only evidence you have is getting beat down then I could show you a few Munchak coached games where "the team quit on him"..

    Btw, Fisher was twice the coach munchak is, not because he showed emotion but because he could actually manage a game..
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    The thing we are all curious about is the why of the situation. Why doesn't Munch try changing anything that is obviously not working at this point? Why is he allowing Chris Palmer to continuously call uninspired plays and install uninspired game plans? Why after being so successful (and at this point it is obvious the OL was much more comfortable) in a power blocking scheme does he agree to let Palmer install a zone blocking scheme, when we have players who have played in the power blocking scheme for their whole NFL careers and are built for a power blocking scheme?

    Why is Munch making decisions (mostly on offense) that are having a negative effect on this football team?

    It is a fair question.
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