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    The Locker pick is going to kill Munchak and Webster. The Grifiin and Amano extension will kill them all. The failure to get an O-L in the draft is going to kill Webster and Munchak.

    This is the worst FO/HC combination I've seen in a LONG time.
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    The front office guys are responsible for bringing in players to fill positions of need. It's the COACHES who have to train, educate, and teach them how to play in a sucessful system.
    Webster has provided the bodies. . . who is coaching them up ? Who is running the systems ? Who is the players advocate on the sidelines helling for his players and getting the respect from the officials ?
    This is why Munch needs to go . . .
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    I must have missed the infustion of talent for the OL, or SS, or TE, or WR, or RB ect...
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    Exactly. We really don't have that much talent. We have a lot of prospects but that's it. Who is positively talented and a top 15 or so in the league at their position. Chris Johnson. Michael Roos...that's it? Jared Cook? maybe borderline but he's not consistent. We'd be better off with 15 other guys that'll catch it 9/10 times. We don't have anything but average guys being coached by below average coaches which lead a pile of wet feces.
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    I actually like the last couple of drafts, but clearly they are not getting better like they should.

    And thats on MM and the staff

    Passing on all those OL in the draft last year was inexcusable IMO

    Yes KW is looking like a good WR, but hes not a 1 and never will be.
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    & we really didn't need a receiver. His stats are nice but I'm pretty sure Damien Williams could have put up decent numbers too if we had taken someone else in the draft. By the way Locker can't even get the ball out and when he does it's 12 feet off target so maybe if the o-line was fixed that would have helped. :drunk:
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    Jim Wyatt didn't have much nice to say about jake locker in that interview- and it's understandable- but I'd like to think that a coaching change will change everything. A whole lot more people were saying a whole lot worse things about Eli Manning before a switch flipped on Week 8 and he went and got his first Ring.

    Ugh... I'd just like to see some consistency at the QB position in the midst of all this other crap.
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    LOL! I cannot believe I did not see some of those auto correct errors. DOH!
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    I said Webster has provided the bodies. . . . I didn't say he turned them into pro bowlers. The players we have drafted in different areas were rated well in the draft. Why has nobody progressed, developed, or has stood out? No pro bowlers on our whole team. Are all our players that bad? Are they being used the right way in a good system ? Hummmmm ...
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    Lol really?

    How well does losing out and getting better draft picks workout?

    The only moron here are the people who think losing to get a better draft pick will make us better in the long run.