Michelle being Michelle

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  1. Finnegan2win

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    I'd rather him belly flop than hit CJ, even if my disdain for CJ is astronomical.
  2. ncaalover12

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    I expect nothing more. Wait, I mean nothing less. Dammit, Michelle has gotten me extremely confused
  3. Ten_Titans

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    No, that pisses me off.

    That isn't open field. That is a sideline tackle that just about every member of this board could make.

    Well, atleast make contact. Griffin just pisses me off.

    Watch, tommorow he will level one of our receivers when he is up in the air.

    And then be like "Thought I was soft?"

    **** you Griffin
  4. RockyTop Fox

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    Retweeted, I'm so fed up with this. I don't want to put up with another season of watching Griffin get thrown around like a rag-doll. Time for him to put up or get off the team.
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    I cant believe there is not one single person in the United States the front office could not find to replace Whiffen. It may seem funny now but in a game situation Williams might regress and offer a bounty.
  6. Scarecrow

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    One of the first rules of tackling is not to leave your feet. That was a straight up......well, it wasn't even an attempt at a tackle it was sad. We need Jefferson to be a secondary coach.
  7. SlidePiece

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    Sometimes it seems like this guy is acting. Griffin almost looks like he's going out of his way to be that bad.

    It was a good move by CJ, but how is your natural reaction to dive out of the way like that? Is he a double agent? I've never seen someone be that bad.....seemingly on purpose. It's not even natural human instinct to do some of the things he does.
  8. Scarecrow

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    Its was a decent move by CJ, I mean at least get your hand on the guy or run TOWARDS him to slow him down. This seriously pisses me off, why the hell was he even there? Why are his constant gaffs getting ignored? This guy is a veteran and, off the top of my head, the longest tenured Titan outside of Roos/Stewart. He should be the leader of the defense and has been the worst player on our team for the last 3 years. He doesn't even do what he does best anymore at being a ball hawk and honestly, I'd rather us play with one less player on the field than have him out there just to make a statement. If teams run to his side and get pass the linebacker its almost a given 20+ yard run.
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  9. RockyTop Fox

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    I'd offer a bounty ON Whiffin is I was Williams.
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  10. SlidePiece

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    We bring in competition almost everywhere. McCarthy, Britt, Washingotn, O line, and D line....seemingly everyone is put on notice but the guy that really needs to be put on notice. I understand that FS's are not easy to come by, but there's a limit.

    If he starts this year like he played last, I hope they show him that they have other options and will go with those other options. They could put anyone back there, as long as they can tackle, it's an improvement.