Mettenburger's QB Metric Data

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    I just think this franchise is just desperate for a QB and has been since McNair left.

    We've been kicked in the nuts by every QB that has gone under center since #9.

    I just don't think everyone should get their hopes up for a guy that probably won't ever be a starter.

    Was it good value pick? Yes.

    I think we should be ecstatic if Mett turns out to be a guy that can back whoever the eventual starter is here for the future.

    A guy that can come in for 2 or 3 games a year if needed and run the offense.

    Every franchise needs that and maybe that is what we have in Mett.

    Best case scenario is that he turns out to be starting material and someone throws a 2nd round pick at us for the guy in a couple years.
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    I still have faith in jake locker...look what happened to stafford in his first 2 years...dude was mr. glass himself, but now look at him.
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    I don't think we have a 'number 2 spot'. Charlie is likely going to be that on paper, and shortly after they will kick the tires on ZM to see if he can play live. ZM has measurable and the benefit of not having had an opportunity to screw up in the NFL. Charlie hasn't proven that while he has been in the league.
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    I think that is the PUP list
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    His entire career is evidence that he isn't very good.

    17 games vs FBS opponents: 18 TDs 10 INTs
    7 games vs FCS opponents: 17 TDs 4 INTs

    Playing on one of the most talented offenses in the country for two years.

    The went in the sixth round for a reason, and it wasn't because of his medical. He's a statue, so I doubt a torn ACL is a factor. Marcus McNeil played a much higher impact position for the Chargers for about seven years with spinal stenosis and was a second round pick. Mettenberger went in the sixth round because he isn't very good. The only reasons he was drafted at all are because he's big and he can throw the ball really hard.
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    Really? I'll be shocked if he doesn't make the 53. I don't think you give up two picks (no matter how late) just to throw in the towel on him before the season even starts (Remember what happened last time we tried to "sneak" a big name rookie onto the PS?). Pretty tough to sell that to the fans IMO. Especially when they all think there's a 98% chance Locker goes down at some point.

    Honestly, I think we keep 3 but even if we only keep two I think it will be Locker and Mett. I think Whis knows that if Locker goes down the season is pretty much tanked anyway. Charlie flippin Whitehurst is going to make everyone pine after FitzMAGIC if he were to start. I really don't see the point in keeping him around over Mettenberger, even if he does "know the system". Like I said if(/when) Locker goes down, we're most likely done. Might as well have Mettenberger around to throw in there and see what you got. He might surprise some folks. Stranger things have happened.
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    He seems to throw with great accuracy most often too imo.
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    I think he still was a garbage #1 overall pick. And his team still sucks.
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    You a LSU fan? Just wondering.
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    Mett is going to get a slow start due to the ACL. Charlie knows Whiz's offense. IMO, he's the clear #2 just for these two reasons.
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