Markelle Martin set to practice Wednesday

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  1. Ghost

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    I didn't think it was a bad play. Even the announcers thought it was questionable. If they guy didn't lower his shoulder at the last few moments it would have been a clean hit.

    Even if it was a 15 yard penalty, I can promise you the dudes gonna be thinking of that hit the next time he catches a ball in the secondary.
  2. steverife

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    That's going to be a penalty and a fine every single time. He's working for free every week he does that.
  3. Ghost

    Ghost 3 Time US Navy 7th Fleet "Hogging" Champion

    This is why I hate these new rules and the way the NFL is going. All of these rules go against the defense. If a defender is going in on a clean hit and a dude lowers his helmet at the last moment making it helmet to helmet, how is that the defenders fault?
  4. Deuce Wayne

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    Guys don't be fooled by a couple highlights where he blows up 2 guys that have no idea he's coming (and one was a QB).

    90% time he's extremely sloppy tackler and has very poor form. He stands around a lot too, waiting for other people to tackle.

    Don't expect anything.