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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by xpmar9x, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Do we have enough guys for a PS3 league? I'd be in.
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    Just finished my 3rd year on CCM (with the Titans) and I think i'm done. That's the only thing i've done thus far, besides 3 online games.

    1st year: 11-5 (All-Pro, lost in Wildcard @ Pats)
    2nd year: 10-6 (All-Madden, lost in AFC Championship @ Broncos)
    3rd year: 11-5 (All-Madden, won Super Bowl v. Redskins)

    3 years, and I was 32-11 w/ a SB Ring. Kind of gets boring after 3 years.

    Locker is currently a 92, and dominates. He's got speed and his accuracy is much improved.
    Britt is a 93 and Wright a 88. Makes for a deadly combo.
    McCarthy is a 89, Ayers is gone. Zach Brown is an 83.
    Casey is a 90, and my 1st Rd pick after Year 2 was a DE.. who is a 85 now.
    McCourty is a 94.
    ..oh and that Chris Johnson guy is an 93.

    Locker won the MVP in year 3. McCourty won DPOY (had 13 INTs) I think I'm going to try a really crappy team and turn them into a SuperBowl team. Browns? Vikings?
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    Oh, and after year 3... RG3 is now a 97. Luck is only a 90. RG3 is impossible to stop.
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    Oohoohoh.. that's a good one too.

    Browns: Need a QB. Zero interest in Weeden or McCoy, would rather trade for freaking Ricky Stanzi and start him. Richardson would be beast and I could turn Little into a stud. On defense, TJ Ward and Haden are damn good. D'Qwell is solid, not sure about there DE/DTs though.

    Vikings: Get to dominate with AP. Ponder can be turned into a stud, his SAC is already great. Percy Harvin is the perfect #2 WR, just need to find the elite target.. which is ez in Madden (T.O for a one year fill-in, then pickup a FA or draft). OL is SOLID. Defense is old (Allen, Greenway, Williams, and Winfield) but I do think I could get 2+ years with them. Also, I love Harrison Smith. Would need to pickup young defenders.

    Dolphins: Tannehill is the future, and i'd like to keep Reggie. Although I know he will want a ton of money after his deal expires. WRs suck, Hartline and Bess are EH. Defense, Wake is old... and you traded my man Davis.

    Choices, choices.
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    Another solid one. Think i'm going Vikings though.

    AP is a stud. I can turn Ponder into a West-Coast star with his short passes... getting the ball to Harvin.

    I signed Melvin Bullitt and Chad Johnson. Chad will be my #1 and I'll use Harvin as my #2, plan on spending a high pick on a WR. I'm also trying to trade for a speedier OLB, Zach Brown? Other than that, pretty happy with the team. Will be lucky to make playoffs in this division. Not to mention, I dominate with the Titans, but normally suck with everyone else.
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    goTitans League

    Need one or two solid days a week to advance the league.

    I'm going to continue to rush the preseason. Hopefully knock that out in the next day or so and hit Week 1 by Friday.

    We have two or three user vs user games Week 1 that you guys will need to set up.
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    Out of interest, what position do you guys play when on defense? Usually I am the DE or DT.