Lovie Smith An Option

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    Lovie Smith has been linked to the San Diego Chargers for the last week or so ever since Andy Reid opted not to go to So Cal. (per US Today)


    My question is - can the Titans secretly talk to former Chicago Bears HC Lovie Smith about a HC gig while Munchak is still employed? Just to gain any interest from Lovie that he may have in coming here in hopes to help this sinking organization stay afloat? Or would the Titans have to cut Munchak before any negotiations could take place?

    I don't see how Buffalo and Cleveland and Philly could keep passing on this guy? Maybe its just "a big name factor" still being unemployed but how does this guy not fill the need of many teams?

    Jeff Fisher is a defensive-minded coach and at least the Titans had a ton more structure while he was in term (VY draft pick sunk the franchise). Lovie Smith in some ways resembles Coach Fish as a coach, defensive-minded, well-respected around the league.

    I don't understand why this wasn't even an option. We all realize that Munchak will probably be gone in 2014 if the Titans don't make the playoffs in 2013. But why go through the inevitable. I realize Bud Adams doesn't want to blow the roster up and re-build once again. However, with the entire Titans coaching staff dropping one by one, except for Munch and Gray for-what-ever-reason ... I feel they just need to can Munch now because we all know 2013 isn't going to be much better than 2012.

    Start 2013 off to a fresh start. Bring in Lovie Smith lock him into a 3 year deal. Titans are rumored in his old OC Mike Tice anyways. Maybe that will intice him to come to Nashville. Not saying I would want Tice but if it would bring Lovie than sure!

    I just see Lovie as a nice fit to the post Fisher era and the crap that was in between. Get us in a fresh start and let Lovie oversee our young and upcoming defense ala those linebackers.

    Is this even an option? Or just a pipe-dream?
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  2. RavensShallBurn

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    Just a pipe-dream.

    We could've fired Munchak and cleaned house other than Lowry (who dumb*ss Munch fired, of course) and hired Lovie.

    That would be too easy though. We are so dumb... easily the dumbest franchise in the league - currently.

    Either way, I doubt Lovie would want to come here after he saw first-hand how pathetic we were. We were probably the easiest W of his career.
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    I want Munch gone as much as anyone. But it ain't happening.
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    Yeah I guess you guys are right. Want munch gone so bad but its becoming a waste of time even discussing it. Another year of mediocrity to come.
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    Lovie Smith is a sucessful coach with a proven track record in a tough market. We don't that kind of guy here in Tennessee. Titan's have their own way of doing stuff . LOL
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    He's been to the playoffs once in the past 6 years.
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    He also reached the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as his QB.
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    Yeah but if we are basing that as a yardstick we may as well have kept Fisher, he's been to the Superbowl before.
    I don't think Smith is a huge upgrade (he is an upgrade but its like going from sucky to average. I want to go from sucky to gold).
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    Lovie would be a great option as a DC/assistant HC but he has proven he can't get it done. Think about it. If the Titans had not made the playoffs but one time in 6 years with the players the Bears have had would we not want that coach fired? Now we have peope wanting to hire a guy like that.

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    Jay Cutler is a douche, he cost Lovie his job.