Look Who Got on Titans Website from Skins Game

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    you all look the Tennessee part.
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    The reason Hayden was at the game was because she is on the new hit show "Nashville" on ABC. It's literally filmed here. First show to ever be completely filmed here in Nashville. Now the show is one big soap opera, but I really love every episode having places I go to in it, they even had the church I was married in.

    They renewed the 2nd season and because of support they will keep filming in Nashville despite the higher cost.
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    you males need to control yourself. it's just a little skinny girl with no boobs, theres 300 of them in your local high schools.
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    As far as the gloves I got mine at the Titans stadium halftime of the Bears game last year. I had 2 extra tickets and those Bears fans paid bank to go. So it's like I got mine for free. But finding them is pretty easy online as long as you don't need XXL (which is what mine are) some reason no website has XXL. Will cost you 100 bones. But I think it's worth it cause of how cool they are. And no fan has them at the games. Best places are eBay, TitansOnline.com shop, NFL.com shop, plus lots of random NFL gear sites. In person, only place I found was the stadium store
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    Hey! She has nice Bs. And she isn't in HS anymore. Think it's ironic the first Hollywood star I saw and talk to at a Titans game was literally in "Remember the Titans" which our Titans have played clips from for over 14 yrs, not so much anymore though

    "They're not gonna gain another yard!! YOU BLITZ ALL NIGHT!! Make them remember FOREVER the night they played the Titans!!"
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    My friend met Hayden and told her I was going to be on her show and she will probably date me.


    Nice to have support, I guess.

    She has an odd body, but when made up- she's really cute.
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    I wish.
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    yeah I was yelling my head off..so was my wife..i did find it odd that most people in that section didn't even get up and stand at all even for the big plays like the ints or the punt return td..

    those are such great seats and a awesome section that's so close to the field and players I would have thought it would be the loudest.. I bought my tickets off of stubhub 2 tickets and a parking pass lot p for 99 dollars.. I was blown away at the value I got for that little amount of money

    some people don't appreciate the Titans like they should..Id kill Tim Tebow for a chance to go to every game
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    Lol, yea, I can say I have been fortunate to have a dad who bought PSLs. While he has since sold them, I still buy the seats that were next to them. If you want, I can keep you on a list of people to ask if I have extra I can't find someone for. I like to get my $ back for them as I am not rich. I only pay what Titans charge for them