Johnny Eightball

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    I expect this kid to have a incredibly interesting end to his career in a few years
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    If this was a criminal case, would the circumstantial evidence we have be enough to convict him? No. He'd probably counter sue for slander or defamation and win. The court of public opinion gets things wrong so often that I really don't care too much about it.

    Do people want this to blow up because justice must be served or because it'd be funny to watch the little jerk sweat? Oh and the Dungy thing is stupid too, I already said as much in that thread. The johnny thing is cool to speculate about on boards like this one but I really don't need to see this in the mainstream sports media.

    Could I understand if this became a media firestorm? Yes, because it seems that every stupid little thing does. Do I think it should? No.
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    Jim Kelly has cancer in his sinus :duckrun: