I've settled on Cordarrelle Patterson at 10 if he's there

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TheSureThing, Apr 18, 2013.

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    5td rec, 3td rush, 1td punt ret, 1td kick ret.....Your right though hes not a game changer. Players just dont do that in the first year playing in FBS not to mention in the SEC (JV NFL).
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    I would prefer Hunter over Paterson straight up.

    Paterson is too raw, not a hard enough either. Lets keep in mind that the guy was at juco for a reason. .. he couldn't even academically qualify at ut, as a stud football player. That points to a dangerous combination of stupid and lazy.

    Warmack and Paterson in the first two beats Paterson and Warford imho.
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    - First off this has nothing to do with us taking a WR last year. Wright was a good pick, just because most of the board was surprised doesn't mean we wouldn't want a WR this year. The problem with this certain WR is he has bust written all over him because he can't learn a playbook, can't run routes, little experience at a high competitive level, pretty bad technique, etc etc. If there was a legit top 10 WR prospect this year then I would be all for it, but there isn't. It's just our look that when we get a top 10 pick the draft class sucks at the top or we need a franchise QB (sorry Locker).

    -I do agree WR is a need and would like to take one early but it's not the biggest need. We have no other starting OG's besides Levitre. We only have 2 starting caliber CB's when now a days you need at least 3 and oh Verner's contract is up after this year. We have no depth at DE and no one that really scares you on the DL.

    1. Star/Milliner
    2. Warford
    3. Patton
    3. DL/CB

    That's how it should go.

    -Also outside ST I don't see Patterson making an immediate impact. Titans are in a win now mode because everyone's jobs are on the line. They're not going to spend a 1st round pick on a back up and someone as raw as Patterson (also why I doubt we take Ansah now). We need to pick a guy who could start day 1, make an impact, and contribute.
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    Justin Hunter in the second would probably make me cream my pants. LOVE this guy! Reminds me of AJ Green. Long, flexible, and is good at adjusting to the ball. CP makes some crazy plays but Hunter is the best WR in the draft IMO
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    So every SEC team is JV NFL?

    Alabama 1 catch 25 yards
    Georgia 2 catches 31 yards

    His best game against a quality opponent is against Florida with 8 catches, 75 yards, and a score.

    He's topped 100 yards once and that was against Troy for 219...Troy.

    3 or less catches in 8 games. (That's 66% of the season)

    On the road he caught 6 passes for 93 yards and a score. (4 games)

    Please someone show me how the SEC is JV NFL outside the top teams (Tennesee, Vandy, Arkansas, etc certainly aren't) and how is this guy a playmaker again, you know, besides being able to return kicks and run the ball?

    Actually here, in SEC play his stats were:

    26 receptions 375 yards and 3 touchdowns. Besides the 8 catch game the most receptions he had against a SEC school was 4 against wait for it...Kentucky.

    That being said I would take him in the 2nd round with the hope to develop him as a WR.
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    Ok JV NFL is more of a joke that I use cus of how dominate the conference is compared to the others. Maybe next time ill put one of those girly smiley faces we used in middle school usin AIM so youll understand that.

    If we took CP at 10 Ill personaly Kick Rust in his gents. Never said he was worth the pick nor am I settling for him. But I do feel like his ability to score from different position. He was a Playmaker in his first year in FBS. 10td! How many players have scored a td ffour different ways in FBS history?

    As I stated Justin Hunter IMO is the most talented WR in the draft. AJ Green like ability, great range, love him running the drag shows hes not affraid to come across the middle.


    Id be JACKED if we could land that
  7. The Playmaker

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    The JV thing wasn't totally directed at you, I just get tired of the whole "well they played in the SEC so they must be good" mentality (this is from an SEC fan).

    I love Justin Hunter along with Patton and Hopkins. I would take any of those 3 over Patterson.
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    That's the EXACT comparison I would make.
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    HAHA alright you came off pretty ticked, I see what your saying though.
    Love Hopkins too, love his feet theyre lightnig quick.
    Patton is hard for me to get a feel for, Ive never seen him play live. Not much film on him ei
    Its all good, I knew Id catch slack after that post.

    Love Hopkins too, The LSU bowl game sold me. His feet are lightning quick and hes a bully with the ball in his hand. I have this horrible gut feeling that Houston takes him in the first.

    Patton im not sold on a second round grade but thats cus Ive never seen him play live just a few cut ups on youtube. I feel like we need a bigger WR Patton seems like a great slot guy.
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