Is It Possible We Already Have A Good Defense But Playcalling/Coaching Needs To Be Changed?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Aug 21, 2013.

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    The 1st game I was concerned about the offense. I didn't think Jake could get it done. Second game I felt Locker made improvements, and showed (that game) that he could at least lead us to points and move the offense. I'm hoping this game he takes another step and that we get to see a little more "fun" from the defense.

    I think what you'll see against the Steelers will be different from what your seeing now. Especially with the entire 1st units out there and more time to gel.
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    I think it shows what a huge difference a single player like Haynesworth in his prime can make.
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    In 2007 and 2008 we had one of the best defenses in the league because of Haynesworth.In that period of time we were 23-9 and went to the playoffs both seasons.The very next season when he was gone we fell to 8-8 and to this very day we haven't been back to the postseason.Losing players like Haynesworth,VandenBosch,Finnegan,Bulluck,etc. has hurt this team bad on defense because we've yet to replace any of those players.Nearly five years later and we've yet to assemble a dominant defense or even an average defense for that matter.We need playmakers in the worst way.
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    Looking though our drafts at 1-3rd rounders since 2007 - these are the guys we had hoped would be the playmakers today. We might've underdrafted defense from 07-09 as only 3 guys were taken in top 3 rounds. The past 3 years weve added 2 players in top 3 rounds in each. Hopefully some of that will start coming together.
    Michael Griffin S 2007 1st round
    Jason Jones DT 2008 2nd round
    Senderick Marks DT 2009 2nd round
    Derrick Morgan DE 2010 1st round
    Rennie Curran LB 2010 3rd round
    Akeem Ayers LB 2011 2nd round
    Jurrell Casey DT 2011 3rd round
    Zac Brown LB 2012 2nd round
    Mike Marting DT 2012 3rd round
    Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB 2013 3rd round
    Zavier Gooden LB 2013 3rd round
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    Do they practice it in practice? I don't know, so I'm asking. Also, I think maybe we will see some of it this week.
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    Sometimes, you just can't find the players you need; sometimes there are no players equal to what you had. You have to adjust. I think we have yet to adjust because, as much as I like the coaches, I'm still not sure they can get it done. But then, they also didn't have all the say-so into the hiring either, so there's no use in playing the blame game. We have what we have, and they'll do the best they can do with what they got. If it isn't enough, then I suspect heads will roll.
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    Our front 7 should be pretty nasty if they can stay healthy, we finally have some depth to rotate in and out as well. DB, is the area that concerns me. I'm hoping they turn it around by the regular season but we need a true #1 CB imo and a FS to replace Griffin. Then we'll have something going.
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    I think with improvements made on defense we will be a pretty good team.With our strong offensive line and running game Locker should be able to manage the offense pretty well as long as the defense doesn't surrender a lot of points forcing us to play catch up.Once the defense gets good and we get our run game rolling then we will have a competitive team that wins a lot of games.That could very well happen this season......
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    Practice is practice. Experience is experience. Game time (even preseason) smells more like experience than practice.