I'm stronger than Keith Bulluck...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TitanFan4Life, Jan 25, 2007.

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    haha its a spoof of of the manning commercial... you know big legs move the pile... like Deuce Deuce and plenty of juice McCallister, Dillon, Jones-Drew... all have insane squat numbers, huge legs, and a great NFL salary... lol
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    He's stronger than Keith Bulluck too
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    yeah, screw form, not you you'll need your back in 15 years.
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    You are deluded Andy.

    Think about Bulluck's lifts,if he can squat 505 do you really believe his max deadlift is only 490? He ca probably deadlift 600 or more. He chose weights which were well below his PB's because he had a full day of activities to consider.

    I've been training for 20 years & seen the odd genetically gifted freaks come along every now & again. However I've yet to meet an 18 yr old that can make those lifts without chemical assistance.

    If you really want to make a credible video do your lifts in a power rack, For all we know your spotter is giving a little assistance.

    If you value those knees tou should also be using wraps. Finally I wouldn't recommend lifting heavy while wearing a belt either. Belts give people an illusion of safety that leads to injuries. You tighten them up to the point that they distend the stomach inwards & create a line of pressure accross your back. Ditch the belts,if you can't make the lifts without them then the weight is too much for you.
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    Not really, it just a matter of training properly. Personally I only lift 2-3x a week between October and February, because I'm too lazy/busy to lift during the season.

    Yes, and how geeky is that..... and form is incredibly important otherwise you're going to injure yourself bad, just ask the professionel weightlifters.
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    This thread continues to remind me of an old Jerky Boys skit. They put an ad in the newspaper fashioning themselves as sports agents.

    They struck gold when this guy calls in, says he goes by the name "Big Hock" and talks about how he needs to get a shot on an NFL team because he's so good. He plays fullback for some semi pro team in Brooklyn. He keeps saying stuff like "I go 245. I got hamstrings like ANIMALS. I'm built like a brick sh** house. I'll walk through walls for you."

    You can listen to it for free here.

    -Language warning-
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    I am more reminded of when I was in high school (pre-internet) and you had penpals all over the world. I'd be cuting pictures of Occy and co out of my surfing magazines and sending them to these swedish girls, passing it off as myself.

    I figured this clown was doing the same until I looked up Andy Tostevin and discovered he's a scrub. Why would you try and impersonate someone who isn't going to amount to anything?

    Clown stats

    Either way, this is a bit unseasonal. Usually this crap doesn't start on this site until school is out in the US.