Haynesworth Lowers Weight but Raises Expectations

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    SUMMARY: DT Albert Haynesworth arrived to camp last week at 323 pounds which is a major drop from his weight of 359 just two seasons ago. The result is Haynesworth should have less issues with his knees and gain some stamina which sounds great to Defensive Line Coach Jim Washburn who wants Haynesworth in the game for 75-80 percent of the defensive plays. "We're just a bunch of guys without him," Washburn said. "That's the truth. When he's in there really playing, knocking stuff back, he creates problems. There are a lot of things you don't see that the big people do in the NFL. … He makes us good." Haynesworth's goal is to take this season a play at a time. "One play, one game at a time, that's all it is," said Haynesworth. "I used to look at what about next week, there is going to be this and that and then the week after that. Now I'm just going to look forward to one practice, one play."

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    Graet news for Big Al and the Titans he could really become a difference maker this year if he can stay healthy. His attitude and conditioning during the off season show a new commitment to take his game to a new level. With KVB and Big Al both getting doubled it should really open things up for our other D-linemen and LB's. If they dont double both they will wreak havoc on opposing offenses.
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    I think the LBs will gain the most from Big Al taking his game to the next level. I hope our game plan is to use our LBs to attack the backfield and pressure the ball out early. This helps a young secondary.
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    Easy there fellas. We've been hearing about Haynesworth's breakout year for 3 years in a row now. I'll believe it when I see it. I just want him to stay healthy and go 100% during the season.
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    He is a wrecking machine.
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