Gonna be a long year for the defense

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    I think the answer is because we can't build both sides of the ball at the same time (we were just too bad on both sides of the ball to do that) and with a lot invested in Locker (#8 pick) and CJ ($50mill) the FO decided to laser in on the offense first with weapons and protection for Locker and big holes for CJ. If all goes as planned then the defensive FA acquisitions in the offseason, Williams, and new draft picks should improve our defense dramatically over last year and we can literally stack the D next year because the offense will be built and ready to go for the next few years to come.

    Bottom line we need to know now if Locker is going to be the man or not and if CJ is still CJ, and with what the FO did this offseason here is NO excuses for either of those guys. If Either one stinks it up then all the other pieces are there to plug in their replacements and be able to win right away...ie: Broncos when they pluged in Peyton or even the 49rs when they booted Smith.
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    We were bad on both sides of the football last year, but we had more pieces on offense. CJ, Locker, Wright, Britt are all 1st rd draft picks. A few more pieces on offense and we could potentially be very dangerous ... so that's what the FO did. Went out and drafted / picked up FAs so we could utilize that talent.

    D still has some work, but you can't fix everything in 1 offseason. Plus I think fixing the O will help the D, more than fixing the D would've helped the O
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    And its not like we neglected the D. We brought in some safeties, DL, etc ... they might not be long term answers, but should suffice until next year when we can focus more on the D
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    The man is an absolute genius, no question about it. Ruston has a very similar style.Know your system, find guys that fit your system and are good football players, don't swing for the fences on every pick, fill your weak positions with those guys. It seems so simple but no many GMs go this way.
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    or some Manwiches and a bag of weed even - lol
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    plus he discovered they play football in the SEC and not 1 pick from the old SWC conference of NFL busts (Woolfolk and 'la Diva' 1st round Titan busts)
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    Lately it's been the high powered offenses that have won the championships. I think that is what we are aiming for and we very well could be close to an elite offense this year depending on Locker. If that happens I think we can play with anyone.