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    That dragon thingy is real. I think the dirt is CGI.
  2. And they're spectacular.

    Oh... you meant the dragons...
  3. And budget cut a fair bit from the book. I'm sure trained wolves would be expensive for a lot more footage. But the battle late in the book is replaced by Tyrion being knock out beforehand and cutting to him coming to afterwards.

    The real budget problems will probably be future seasons. More magic, more battles, more animal scenes. At least based on my having just about finished book 2.
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    It really depends. The nice thing about the books is that even the big bad battles are sort of described in pockets - because each chapter is a POV-style, you don't ever really see the whole forest, just a handful of trees here or there. Yes, you are acutely aware that there are thousands upon thousands of people fighting, but it isn't like in, say, a LOTR-type narrative where the entirety of it all is explained. Hell, for one of the big battles, the reader has to hear second-hand from another character how it ended.

    It'll be expensive, but HBO has said they're finally ready to learn there lessons from Deadwood, and really commit financially to a series that both has cult appeal, some mainstream acceptance (although higher potential for this one), and very high critical attention. I imagine there will be some Rome-like shortcuts taken with some of the battles, specifically more of the siege related tilts later.
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