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Football Gameplan's 2013 NFL Draft Grades - Titans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by EmDiggy, May 13, 2013.


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    C.J. wasn't THE issue, but his attitude/effort was an issue.
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    Everything about this post is bad.

    First of all, I said Locker would have better stats than Kap or Wilson, not wins. VY had wins for the same reason Kap and Wilson will have wins, had a really good team surrounding him. Also, I addressed the fact that defenses knew about how bad our O-line was...of coarse, if the o-line can't pick up a blitz, Locker will get pressured...duh.

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    VY didnt have a good team around him. He had an 0-6 team one year, then a 0-5 team another year. In 07 he had a great defense but his best weapons were lendale white, chris brown, brandon jones, justin gage, roydell williams, and bo scaife. Yeah man he was surrounded with nothing but great teams!
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    Locker wasnt the problem last year, Hasselbeck was! He lost his spot to a kid that wasnt ready to start. He lost his spot to a kid with half his IQ (especially in the game of football). When Matt had an opportunity to take back his job he blew it! We should have sent Locker in for surgery after the second injury but Hasselbeck sucked and we had no choice but to let Locker play hurt. That might also reflect how little we thought of Rusty Smith. This year I hope Locker stays healthy and kills it, but I have my doubts. I don't doubt that Fitzpatrick is a better option than Hasselbeck. Either way, we will know midseason what we have in Locker and if we need to move on. I love Munch and hope for his sake that Locker or Fitz works out!