Effects of the Last 2 Days on the Draft...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by GoTitans3801, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Soxcat

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    Depending on what happens between now and the draft I wouldn't have a problem trading down with the Raiders and taking whatever QB falls to us.
    It would have to be a draft day trade so we can see what NO does with their pick. We wouldn't want to miss out on all three QBs IMO.

    If we did miss out on a QB I would draft Vernon Davis and play him at WR.
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    Soxcat, is that you???

    :irked: wait a minute... the other day you sold me on the idea that this was not possible... that is was a sure thing we'd miss the boat and anyone looking for the #3 pick is going there for a qb... This is not what I expect from you. Makes me think I misunderstood what you were saying. I basically just came to terms with the notion that we can't trade down and get a qb...have you got anything to add?
  3. royhobbs

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    If Cutler is truely going in the top seven or we like him or Young at #7 as opposed to #3, then I'd trade with the Raiders. If all three QB's are off the Board, that means Hawk, Brick, or Mario are there.

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    I would be shocked if NO does not trade down after the Brees pick up. I am not sold on Young as a draft pick especially this high. I would imagine Lienart would be my choce in the top three. Bush would be great but that is a pipe dream. If NO trades down then we should try and trade down also.. otherwise hold out and pray NO does not take Lienart for the "future". Personally though I do not think the odds are good on drafting a qb this high and would perfer dropping down and getting a can not fail type player with no emotional issues like Pacman.
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