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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by GMITTS, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Another proof that Wikipedia isn't the be all end all of knowledge. I started playing clublevel soccer at age 4 and was definetly more than adept at the age of 8.
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    There may be 4 million who play it as youths, but I'd bet it has a huge dropout percentage by the end of highschool. It's a fun sport, but most people just do it for a little while and don't get that into it.
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    I've played football and soccer up through HS. I had far more injuries in soccer than I did in football. (striker in soccer/WR/CB football). The only people that think soccer is a sissy sport when compared to others haven't ever played it. Plain and simple. Take a few cleats to the calf, get a few broken toes, blind tackles, a few 50mph balls smack your face - or groin, kicks to the groin, elbows, etc. And there are no stops in play every 10 seconds. Plus you won't see half the roster sitting out with 'hammies' or other silly injuries.
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    I've played Football, Aussie football, Soccer and Rugby.
    I got more injuries in Football than any of the other 3.

    If anything people would think Soccer is a sissy sport for all the diving they do and the 'acting'.
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    There are a lot that over-react trying to obtain a free kick. That's more the older ones though. Hopefully that goes out soon enough. I compare that to the guys that give up on balls trying to avoid a hit in football though. Or the guys that wont come up and tackle, will dive for legs, etc. You've got these types in all sports.
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    How many of those 4 million youth are girls... when I was there, Soccer was BIG with girls, because of less contact and more running that Softball....

    Im sorry to inform you, that, unless a testosterone treatment (or othe roid uses), few girls will make it to the USA national soccer team. So, get those stats right.

    Hey, soccer is an endurance sport, with some burst of speed. Wit no rest, there is no intensitivity. Ask any strenght coach.
    Football is 100% speed, with rest intervals that restore muscle ATP so that the next play, 100% is reached again.

    There are more average injuries in football than in soccer.Pro Football is usually 16 games, Spains pro soccer is about 45. I dunno about MLS, but that a lot of games, so there are also many chances to get injured due to those game numbers.

    Lets say this, there is few organized youth leagues in spain... 99% schools dont have athletic teams... Kids play it during breaks and after school on their own, thats where they learn a lot... Without stats, ill say that everyday, during lunch break there are 6 million spaniards boys playing soccer, watching soccer from august to june. Out of those 6 million kids (I made the number up, just thinking about 90% of kids do so) maybe 5000 girls participate (usually in some organized women team or mixed with men)

    My guess is USA will be a big womens world cup soccer winner. I intend no offense with that, is as merit as all other sports, if not more, but, get those stats right. Having 4 million kids, with maybe 60% (being conservative) of women and 40% of men makes 1.8 million boys... compare to football

    Compare to other countrys with lot less population.

    I have also played both sports, and comparing diving to feet tackling is nonsense. There is very few ways a 180 pound Cb can tackle a 300 Te, and most involve going way down below, one does what he has to do to tackle... the other cheats.

    BTW how can anyone find Victoria Beckham attractive? Se seems repulsive to me... she is the metrosexual equivalent for women for me.
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    When is this wuss going to start to play?
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