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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by 2ToneBlueBlood, Nov 28, 2012.

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    This defense has been so bad of late (with the exception of Sunday) that I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out something that might help with the personnel that we already have. I know this is way out of left field but just hear me out.

    Play Zach Brown at strong safety.

    I’m not usually one for changing a guys position but the Titans have done it before, most recently drafting Taylor Thompson, a defensive end out of SMU and changing his position to tight end. At least changing Brown to safety is on the same side of the ball. Think about it:

    - Safety is an extremely thin position overall in the NFL and of prospects coming out in the draft
    - This allows Griffin to go back to playing free safety, his natural position.
    - Brown is a better tackler than any safety we have on the roster
    - Brown has tremendous speed (4.37-4.44 range), so he could cover ground if he needed to
    - Since it looks like we’ll have a high draft pick, there are some great LBs at the top of the draft like Te’o and Jarvis Jones we could draft to replace him

    What do you guys think? I know the Titans would NEVER do it but I think it’s an interesting concept.
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    I can't say I haven't thought of it, but he doesn't have that kind of speed at his current playing weight, I'm not sure if he has that kind of athleticism, and he is freakin' good where he is...
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    At 6'1 242 I can't see him as a SS... unless we use his as sometime of a 'flex' position, with one safety deep (Griff). A 4-4-1 set lol. I can't see how it would work, he's not good at coverage, but we do play our safeties up in the box alot.

    Instead, move Ayers to DE full-time, draft Te'o. Move Brown to strong-side, and Te'o on the Weakside. Te'o plays like Lance Brigg, and use Brown like we use Ayers. Brown has showed he can rush the passer.
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    Speaking of te'o, a friend of mine had an idea. We trade up to get a top 5 pick. Draft Te'o. Switch to a 3-4 defense. Put Mccarthy and Te'o in the middle and ayers and brown on the outside. What you think?
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    This is what some have been saying... except you would need to move Wimbley to OLB for sure. I think McCarthy is clearly not a long-term solution... so he would become a rotational player.
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    he's better at linebacker
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    Why would we have to move wimbley to OLB?
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    Because 240 OLBs don't play 3-4 DE
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    #1: No reason to trade up for him, we'll likely be #7-#10 in the draft. If he's available then, take him. If not.. hello Bjoern Werner (hopefully).

    #2: As someone said, Wimbley would be the other 3-4 OLB. So theres an issue, where does Brown play? McCarthy will likely get hurt again and he can step in then I suppose.

    #3: We'd need to add a 3-4 NT, which isn't that hard.

    If we draft Te'o, and STAY in the 4-3, it solves many issues. Ayers goes to DE, and that solves our pass-rush issue having Morgan, Wimbley, and Ayers in a solid 3-man rotation will help a ton. Te'o and Brown play outside and leave McCarthy in the middle. I'd use Te'o and Brown in nickel situations to reduce the chance of McCarthy getting injured, which is sad. Te'o fixes to spot, and I think we'd stay in the 43.