CJ: The highest paid scrub in the NFL

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    Wasn't he honestly hit for a loss on 5 or 6 of his runs? I may be off by one or two but it was close. If you can tell me where he missed a lane on some plays I'll agree but this game was just an all around awful effort by the o-line and CJ. I saw two times where CJ made a mistake on his early runs, but after that I mostly just same Patriots in the backfield every time.

    Patriots were saying all week their goal was to shut down CJ and make Locker beat us. They obviously know what they're doing all around and can clearly execute their gameplan. We have a long way to go and I'm looking at the o-line, CJ, and coaching staff.
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    This thread popped up fast.
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    Watching every carry, and the commentators even called it, CJ looked for the cut back lane EVERY SINGLE CARRY instead of taking what was there. The defense played smart and sat in every single cut back. He never adjusts his game, he doesn't have the vision to find what could be there. He could probably be around 30 or 40 yards instead of what, 5?

    But that defense for the Pats, they are really good. Played perfectly, and made our run offense and CJ their beezy.
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    Obie I think a high school freshman could get more than 4 yards on 15+ carries.
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    Possible, but we would still lose. So maybe we need to fix the o-line and we can look for a new RB too. But fixing the o-ling is a little more of a pressing issue since nobody will be successful with this line.
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    CJ had 4 rushing yards, amazing!
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    Our offensive line got beat like they stold something in case you didn't notice. You tell me where the holes were? Harris especially got destroyed by wilfork. Gimme a break.
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    My whole point is it's retarded that we're talking about a smaller part of the whole offensive engine. CJ doesn't really matter. You can throw any RB in there if we have good blocking. Why doesn't our idiotic staff focus on the bigger issue instead of throwing little CJ up the middle against poor blocking when he needs room the be productive. We've had TWO entire off seasons and two entire years to fix this and it seems to get worse every time they say we've worked on it.
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    4 yards guys. 4! Yards!

    Yes, the OL is beyond awful. But 4 yards on 11 carries? I'm sorry, but a guy who holds out for the big bucks has to make a play every once in awhile. Is it all his fault? No. But he deserves some of the heat.
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    Just do what we did with VY and Fihser. Get rid of both. Get rid of CJ so we dont have to hear anymore whining.. but for the love of God, we need to fix this oline next season

    I know we tried this season, but its bad.
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