Caldwell is out

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titaneers, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. World Peace

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    Honestly, why not? He called the plays when he played anyways. If luck studied behind manning, and manning is active, you could consider that coaching.

    He's used to talking to the media, the town would love him as HC whether he won or lost... After all, he brought that city their one and probably only championship (all while throwing 2 ints and handing the ball off all game)

    Another candidate I think would be Jim Tressel. I mean, why not? He's more experienced than munchak. The locker room knows who he is. When he was allowed to work with the team, you saw the offensive improvement....
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  3. GeronimoJackson

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    Fisher would have tried calling some dumba** play for Peyton and Peyton would have told him to f**k off.
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    PM career is over as a player. He should be a OC somehwere. If the colts get luck I hope he becomes the next Ryan Leaf.
    I want to see the colts on the bottom for the next 10 years.
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    I think that Irsay might have spent a little bit too much time with Jerry Jones. He is really really rolling the dice with his recent moves. Manning and Polian are the reason the Colts have had their nice run. If both of them are gone then you never know what might happen. It will be very hard for Luck to do what Manning has done. The QB position certainly isn't the Colts only position of need. They have a bunch of FAs in Wayne, Saturday, Mathis...besides possibly losing talent they risk losing a bunch of leadership.
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    These moves just mean the colts are going into a Deep hibernation and rebuilding the whole organization. Cutting ties with players by removing the people that brought them there and opening up the whole can of worms that will be Indy this year. High five Irsay... Hope luck sucks
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    I've heard similar stuff, I think Manning may be done. I've been thinking that for months actually.
    Peyton Manning doesn't seem to have the personality to be a coach at the NFL level. He's like Michael Jordan, he won't be satisfied with anyone but himself. Look how bad Jordan did trying to run a team off the court.

    And if Manning was any kind of teacher, his backups would be half decent, but they suck.
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    Manning is done. And he will be in broadcasting. He will make a MINT. It has been suggested that he could easily do both a Saturday GameDay AND the NFL as an analyst. He will be a gold mine in broadcasting. Plus he is good in front of the camera- at least pulled off humorous commercials.

    I heard on Sirius last night that Fisher was in play for a while for the Colts HC but that HE chose the Rams over the Colts. I suspect it had to do with how much control he was going to have over the roster and Irsay and Fisher's opinion differed.
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    Also probably had to do with the fact that he would NEVER have had a shot at winning there. lol
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