Bud Deserves a High Five

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    The man might not always get it right the first time but he does often get it right. Take the awkward move to Nashville for instance. His initial instance on keeping the Oilers name and a stop in Memphis did not get things off on the right foot. But he eventually got it right.


    The transition from Jeff Fisher to Mike Munchak was just as awkward. Much was set up for failure his first two seasons. He was hamstrung by a weak coaching staff and a GM who left gaping holes in the roster. Much was forced to cobble together an offense with a poor interior OL, a diva star RB with poor backups and an OC salvaged from a fourth rate pro league. On defense he was left with a green front seven and weak secondary. The DC had little DC experience.

    This year Bud corrected past mistakes. Reinfelt is out the door and his replacement has clearly been given the mandate to spend (wisely) Buds money. There was also some healthy turnover on the coaching staff. It may work out and it may not. Still, at least we are trying.

    Some good Bud quotes from the article:

    --“We want the right players, that’s the main thing. We have to get the players we know can perform and make us look like we’re a tough team to play against again"

    -- “There are certain guys we may have to pay a little more than they should maybe be getting, but I want to win. … We may have to pay some more money, but I’m in. I’m ready to go with it.”

    -- “I may have a heart attack if we don’t (get to the playoffs),” he said. “I just had my 90th birthday and somebody asked me, ‘Adams, how long are you going to stay at this thing?’ I said ‘I’ve made it 90, so I might as well go to 100.’ And I’d like to get in the playoffs and see some winning football over that stretch, too."
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    Bud cracked open that wallet cause he isn't planning on filing his taxes after 2013

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    Works for me
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    Bud may be a stubborn old man but he's 90 years old and he's earned the right to do things his way. Like you said Hammer he doesn't always get it right but he's at least willing to give Ruston and Munch something to work with.

    One thing I don't doubt about Bud is that he is passionate about this team. He loves this team and he's at the age where he doesn't really give a sh!+ what people think or say about him. The bird incident against Buffalo made me love him even more.
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    True, he is always around unlike Ralph Wilson in Buffalo who acts like he can take all his money with him. Bud makes an effort.

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    I'm just happy that Bud is willing to spend money. That's a blessing because I don't think he was in the past and that's why we wound up sorry. This season I'm looking forward to!
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    Yeah, if only he gave the front office the green light last year and didn't meddle, then maybe we wouldn't be absolutely desperate. God help us if he makes it to 100.

    **** that guy.
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    I disagree.I believe Adams was willing to spend whatever it took but Fisher and Reinfeildt didn't feel the need to go into the FA and spend.
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    Good job Bud. Now kick some tail in the draft and lets get back to being #1 in the AFC SOUTH.

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    I feel this way too

    I mean teams have money allocated for the salary cap, when you have a budget you're prepared to spend that money.