Brown's Agent Feels His Client a Better Fit Elsewhere

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    SUMMARY: Wynn Silberman, agent representing RB Chris Brown, says he hasn't received a response from the Titans to his formal trade request for his client. Titans General Manager Floyd Reese was not immediately available for comment. Silberman feels the Titans may not be the best fit for Brown as he enters his final season. "We’re kind of looking at the situation down there and we’re not sure he’s a great fit at this point," said Silberman. "We feel he’s a featured back with Pro Bowl potential and the opportunity may be better for him somewhere else in the league." Brown is in the final year of his contract scheduled to pay him $1.57 million. His best season was '04 where he gained 1,067 yards (with a 4.9-yard average) in just 11 games.

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  2. MadAboutMcNair

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    I guess it would be considered tampering if the agent said where he thought Chris Brown would have a better opportunity. I really think he is already in the best place for him to succeed at this stage in the offseason. Training camp is in 8 days, and he already knows our system. Where else does he think Chris Brown can play, AND do better on the field than right here in Nashville?
  3. Puck

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  4. Puck

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    OR HERE :

    Seven-time Pro Bowl tailback Marshall Faulk, the ninth-leading rusher in NFL history and a future Hall of Fame member, likely will undergo knee surgery next week that could sideline him for the 2006 season and possibly end his career (St. Louis)
  5. Puck

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    also, if Holmes has further complication.... maybe KC
  6. TitanJeff

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    Brown wants feature back money. The question to ask is "how many teams will pay him that?"
  7. Delaware Titan

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    He shouldnt get featured back money until he can prove that he is a legit feature back. I say if we can get a decent pick for him or help on the line trade him, and hand the reins over to the future rookie of the year Lendale White.
  8. EZpickin

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    I'm confused !!! So Nashville isn't the place for him to succeed as a "feature" Back? Well I guess I cant argue with that, he hasn't done anything in two years... Blowing up your rookie year and then hindering your next two seasons with constant injury and declining stats doeasn't make you a "Featured Back"... This team has severly suffered the last two seasons without a running game, without a winning record and without Brown really proving himself as more then a flash in the pan IMHO..... With all the BS that has gone down this offseason I haven't once sat and though, god.... what about Brown?!?! Whats going on with him??? I'm sorry to say it but see ya... Lets get some help on the line and a little less delusion in the locker room....
    Go Titans...
    (it's time to trim the fat and get back to where we belong)
  9. Titansfan10

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    i doubt we even trade him at all, his agent could just be trying to stir the pot by talking trade...where else is he going to get the money he is looking for?
  10. I agree with one thing, I think Brown does have Pro Bowl potential
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