Britt unsure what future holds

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  1. Chronos

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    Britt unsure to hold on to future passes.
  2. SawdustMan

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    I hope so too. But based on, well, literally everything we've seen from him so far this season I won't hold my breath.
  3. RockyTop Fox

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    Oh shut up Britt. We all know there are only two options:

    1) We find someone stupid enough to take you
    2) You fade away on the bench for the rest of the season and find a new home next season.
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  4. Alex1939

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    Exemplary? What about his comments earlier in the season at the total wrong time?

    I mean he hasn't been a major problem, but exemplary is way too much credit.

    What is with you and defending morons like Pac and Britt?
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  5. Alex1939

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    I question if he is even smart enough to realize at this point he is going to have to EARN a spot on a team next year if not traded away now.
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  6. Brew City

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    Hey Britt. GTFO!
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  7. Riverman

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    Just like I said stupid isn't a crime. It's an incurable disease. I don't think either Pac or Britt can help it that they aren't very bright. But they can both play ball well and that is their talent. Enough said on that.

    Britt could have been a huge distraction, lamenting for a trade etc. He hasn't. In fact, reporters were baiting him several times post-game and he towed the party line. He resisted. He should get credit for that. I think he has matured a lot since his first 2 years. He is playing in a slump and his confidence is rattled. He had a hell of an injury trying to get extra yards for his team. He has rehab'ed diligently. He should get some credit for that.

    I don't have to hate somebody to feel better about myself or my beliefs. I don't suscribe to confirmation bias. If Britt can light it up, Titans and their fans benefit. Britt benefits. It's a win-win. What effin good comes of piling on Britt when he's down? Not much. And he does appear to have talent. He'll get it worked out.

    I don't really have time to write about about Pac. But suffice to say he was a VERY dynamic player when he wasn't getting in trouble and was on the field. He appears to have turned it around from a maturity standpoint, but I don't really give a chit because he is no longer a Titan.
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  8. Roscoes Wetsuit

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    He's not going anywhere.
    So hopefully once this deadline passes he can screw his head on right, put all this behind him and play hard.
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  9. Alex1939

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    Why can't I hate on them cause they screwing over my team? Why would you automatically assume because I or someone hates on Pacman that I'd be doing it to feel better about myself?
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  10. Riverman

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    You brought up Pac to begin with, not me. I just answered your question.

    I'm referencing your hate on Britt specifically. He is on the team and other than his recent poor play what has he done to "screw over your team"? He diligently re-habbed from an injury, he has kept his mouth shut. He has had some really bad offensive PI calls against him and some really bad no calls as well. He is in a slump. He isn't making excuses. He's frustrated. He is towing the party line regarding his locker room presence and post game pressers. He is working hard to correct his current pattern of drops and penalties. (according to Munch and co)

    I just don't all the GTFO hate. His original statement on Twitter was something to the effect that he didn't think he'd be around next year. What's wrong with that other than what you mentioned was an "ill-timed" remark. I agree it was. I've never accused Britt of being PR bright. But he has weathered an onslaught of outrage admirably IMO. He has taken the high road when a number of "fans" haven't.

    Everyone has some degree of confirmation bias. I'm seeing a lot of it in this thread. But that is simply my opinion, worth what it costs.
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