Anyone seen Draft Day?

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    The Titans traded a 1st round pick to the Browns for Weeden.
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    Just read an article on The Bengals drafting KiJana Carter.
    They traded their #1 and their #2 that year to move up to #1 overall and take Carter, who flamed out with a torn ACL on the third play from scrimmage in the first game of preseason and ultimately never amounted to squat in the NFL.

    The article says The Panthers wanted to trade their pick w Cincy but the stipulation was that Cincy could not go public until the last second as to not tip The Oilers off as they thought Houston was going to steal Kerry Collins. The trade didn't go down that way and The Panthers got their man anyway when Houston instead chose Steve McNair..

    The pundits expected KFC to be more of a sure thing than McNair having had a decent run at Penn St.