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    But Akeem was nowhere on the level of Barr.
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    I know it's probably just the fact that they are both wearing UCLA colors, playing similar positions, and have very similar proportions but watching their respective tapes side by side is a total mind-f*ck to me.

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    He outplayed both our OLB's I believe. And all while nursing a bruised lung.
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    Is that he what slowed him down? Yikes

    And do not use a TWW2 argument. Outperformed both our OLBs last year. Way to aim high. Do not think he would not have sucked too with Chet as his position coach.

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    Yea he was hurt all year with the lung, I'd say it had an effect for sure.
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    I remember Akeem was projected to go around 15-20 and fell to the 2nd.
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    Barr will not be on the board when we pick. Tampa is going to get him. We should get Mosely or Greg Robinson. If we get one of those two, and Tre Mason in the second, I will be happy.
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    I mentioned when the season ended and I started evaluating prospects that Khalil Mack should be our pick. I stand firm behind that declaration. The difference is experience and physicality. Mack has been an olb from day one, while Barr was a fullback his first two years at UCLA.

    I mentioned this before, but does anybody remember the last player we selected in the first round with less than two years of college experience at their position. Answer: Andre Woolfork. He smoothly made the transition in college to cornerback from wide receiver. He lit it up those two years and then only started 11 games for the Titans (wait for it) in 4 years. He was the 28th pick and started 11 games in 4 years. The talent was there but he did not have the experience or fulyl understand the position.

    Which brings me back to Barr. I believe someone mentioned the Stanford game. This was the game I reviewed to see how he would stand up against a conventional pro style offense. Everything I feared came to fruition, he did not do a good job tracking the ball and it seemed like he was only waiting for 3rd and long so he could rush the passer. This is the only time he made an attempt to show up during that game. Once the tackle engaged him, he did not have a counter-move and he was done.

    I see Barr as more of an athlete than solid prospect. Now don't get me wrong, if he went to a defense where you could hide him and only ask him to rush the passer (ala Bruce Irvin in Seattle) then he would be alright. But, as an everydown player, my vote is for Khalil Mack.

    He is relentess, always around the ball, we discussed the turnovers he created in college (in my original post) destroyed a top 10 rated tackle in Mewhort from OSU in their matchup and is extremely well coached.
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    I love Mack and I'm praying to the football gods that he has a terrible combine that helps him slip to 11
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    So Barr measured in at 6'5" 255 and ran a 4.63 with a 1.56 10-yard split(same as Clowney). Is he still falling?