All of you idiotic Fisher defenders...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HeadOnASwivel, Oct 3, 2010.

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  1. tenforthewin

    tenforthewin Camp Fodder

    Vince was throwing the ball well, then we got a tiny lead and Fisher neuters the offense. Embarassing. So done with Fisher. I can't even stand to look at the guy anymore.
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  2. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    I agree with the PI call on Hope, that was pretty damn weak. Funny how the guy in the Steeler game did the exact same thing against Nate Washington in the end zone with like 19 seconds left in the game. Of course they call it against us, but not the Steelers.
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  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    I disagree with that call but it did not cost us the game several other things did.

    We called a pass play 58% of the time and a run play 42% of the time. Idiots think it was the other way around.
  4. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 Pro Bowler

    Bud Adams won't let Fisher walk because, Chris Mortensen, Adam Shefter, Bill Cowher, Chris Berman, Keyshawn Johnson, Tommy Jackson, Jerry Jones, John Clayton, and many more say he is such a GREAT coach...

    Tired of the media always saying that Fisher is a great smash mouth coach that wears you down in the 4th quarter and loves to win the close games.
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  5. Titansman1

    Titansman1 Time To Start Crushing!

    It's obvious that as long as other teams have no fear of our passing game they're all just going to shut down CJ and dare us to beat them with VY's arm. I'm probably one of the biggest critics of VY out there but he can play pretty good against mediocre defenses and was playing well in this game so why not open him up a little bit more, give him a little more leash and let him try to pass the ball around some more which will take some pressure off CJ? This game was BS and just like the Steelers game a game we should have one. What's with all the penalties too, I like the fact that our D is aggressive and trying to get off the ball but let's be smart about it. That pass interference call was a killer! And what about these dropped passes? Reminds me of last year when the receivers couldn't catch a ball to save their lives and everyone blamed KC. So here we are 1/4 of the way through the season and we're only a .500 team. I though VY gave us the best chance to win because he could "keep the play alive" with his legs? He seems to have lost that bounce in his step and if he can't scramble anymore and the coaches can't trust him to throw the ball then what good is he really? Looks like Vick was a bargain right now, since the Titans seem to like a running type QB we should have snatched him up while his stock was down. Imagine a backfield with CJ and that would be interesting!
  6. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    WTF are you talking about?
  7. HeadOnASwivel

    HeadOnASwivel Starter

    Speaking of nonsense, would you mind shutting up? How can you type anyway with both of your hands down Fishers pants?
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  8. Raistmagic

    Raistmagic Starter

    It's not about how many times you pass and run. It's about when you pass and run. That's what everyone is complaining about.

    Also, don't forget the 3 hail mary's that are skewing your irrelevant results a bit.
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  9. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    A post I was "it sucks" bombarded with just a day or so ago.

    Hmm... looks like I get it, again.
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  10. Eddyc85

    Eddyc85 Go Bucks!

    Yea. I mean if Young threw an incompletion or didn't get the first, OK at least it was the right call. A run on 3rd and 11 has little to no hope, especially when you're right near the red zone. It's like you said Fisher couldn't care less if we scored a TD there or not.

    No I think it was pass interference but I just hate that rule. I mean did Kyle Orton really think "Well I'm gonna just throw a 50 yard TD and that's the play." Or did he say, "Lets throw one deep and hope for a flag." Which seems more likely? A free 50 yards, of course Denver was going to win. They need to make it like the college rule, 15 yards. I mean come on, a 50 yard penalty? Really? There's no guarantee he would have caught it anyway. It's just a really stupid rule.

    And that was still too much. Like I said, Fisher has become dependent on CJ breaking a long run. But so many 3 and outs. You can't just depend on CJ. I know he can break a long run sometimes but it just wasn't looking like it was going to happen today. We NEEDED to throw more. Look at Denver, even they ran too much but at least they threw enough to win. We didn't. Typical cowardly Fisherball that will NEVER win a Superbowl.
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