2013 Draft Possibilities

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by satkins2252, May 1, 2012.

  1. The Hammer

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    If Tennessee were to switch to a 3-4 Johnathan Jenkins would be an ideal pick. If they stick with the 4-3 then Jenkins is not a good fit.
  2. xpmar9x

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    Mike Martin looks legit. Casey is getting healthier and better.

    If we take Star, imagine that trio. :banjump:
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  3. J Falk

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    If we finish 8-8(which could definitely happen) we may not be getting any of these guys!!!
  4. Ensconatus

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    Yea... That's kinda depressing... We really need an elite DE this year... Like 100% fo sho. Has to happen.
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  5. Ensconatus

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    I'm really hoping we either are able to add star to this unit up front or pick a mid 1st round monster DE.... And maybe double up on DE in the second. Spend both 3rds (hopefully we get one for finny) on the o line.... Could very well fix these lines.
  6. xpmar9x

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    Honestly, I'll still dreaming at a trade back (if Stars gone by our pick) I say that every year.. but please? We need as many picks as we can get. We need a new:

    LT, RG, LG, C, SS, FS, #3 CB, RB, DE, and DT... lol
  7. Ensconatus

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    I don't think we need another DT. We just need to put Casey and Martin on the field at the same time. Star is a different athlete tho.

    LT.... Maybe. But only way that happens is first round so doubtful.

    Rg... For sure. 2-3rd round please.
    C... Again a third rounder too much to ask for?

    Safety.... If the top pass rushers are off the board in the first.... Why not.

    DE.... First round please.
  8. Fry

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    Honestly, I think this team is young enough, especially on defense. What we need is an infusion of young talent with veteran leadership. A lot like what we did when we brought in Givens, Thornton, Hope and Mawae.

    I don't know if trading back and gaining more picks to add more young players to an already super young team is the way to go. I say take the superstar at any position and find a way to get him on the field.
  9. Ensconatus

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    If we could get a free agent safety, that's actually good... I'd be extremely pleased.

    Going after a free agent De normally shows up as a bust. A vet C would be pretty awesome, plus if we drafted a guard early.

    Here's what we most likely WONT BE DRAFTING (at least early, Rnds 1-2 and probably 3)

    LB. - I think we are all drafted out on this position, maybe a mid to late rounder for depth.
    DT - I wanna say we won't draft another because I think we have starters on the team but if star was there...
    WR - really... Unless something tragic happens I can't see going with another high round WR.
    TE - we better resign cook... That's all there is too it.
    QB - we might draft a late rounder but I highly doubt we draft an early QB
    CB - I think we have a lot of talent at this position and I don't see an early CB that's honestly worth it.

    Top needs:

    DE.... I think it's paramount we find that superstar DE and do whatever it takes to get em. And maybe even draft 2 early.
    C/G/T - take your pick, I figure we get at least one of these early this year.
    Safety - if there is a superstar S in this class, someone let me know cuz we most definitely need one...
    RB - there are some really good hard nosed heavy runners in this class... Can we please get a REAL goal line/heavy back?
  10. The Playmaker

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    Ed Reed
    Jarius Byrd
    Patrick Chung
    Kenny Phillips
    LaRon Landry

    Are all free agents after this year and a couple other solid players. Unless our draft targets are off the board and a guy like Robert Lester isn't there then I say we fix the Safety position in free agency. I really doubt Reed will be available let alone even come here but if we can get one of those other guys on that list we'll be in good shape.