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    CJBRAVE im pretty much new in this forum but to say verner is not quick at all....that's just wrong, and before you said casey got owned by the bucs starting o line. Im not trying to be an ass, but i do think your perception about some players is waaaaay off.

    And about the 53 man roster guys, remember one spot goes to the kicker and another one to the punter. We will also probably use a long snapper for that only purpose if im not mistaken and i don't know if you were excluding the fullbacks because you don't think we'll keep one or if you just forgot.

    I think well keep 9 OL and probably 9 DL (i think ball will be released..or he will retire)

    Something like this

    3 QB's- Locker-Hass-Rusty

    3 HB's- CJ, (maybe ringer) , reynaud

    1 FB- Quinn or Harper

    6 WR's- Britt, Wright, Nate, DWilliams, Hawkins, Mariani.

    3 TE's - Cook, Stevens, Thompson

    4 OT's - Roos, Stewart, Stingily, and probably the final spot will be fought between Otto and Kropog who can also play guard which will probably give him the edge considering otto has been injured; while Palmer will probably be a practice squad body unless he shows something in these 2 remaining games.

    3 OG's - Hutchinson, Harris. Durand and Jasper will probably battle for the backup guard and i would say Kropog back's up both the T and G positions.

    2 C's - Velasco and Matthews

    4 DE's - Wimbley, Morgan, Egboh, Douzable (Douzable can play DT too and Egboh has been used sometimes as a DT for certain plays). Let's also keep in mind Wimbley will probably see some snaps as a LB in some packages.
    Dave ball gets released

    5 DT's - Casey , Klug, Martin, Marks, Clayton (Klug can also play DE and i think the same can be said for Clayton who's had a strong camp so far)

    4 OLB's - Ayers, Brown, Witherspoon, Diles (he has done a solid job from what i've seen so far to make it)

    3 MLB's - McCarthy, Shaw, Bailey (Bailey and shaw are both GREAT special teamers, i would keep them).

    5 CB's - Campbell, McCourty, Verner, Mouton, Hawkins - -

    4 Safeties - Griffin, Johnson, Babineaux, Afalava OR an upgrade through the waiver wire.

    Both markelle martin or coty haven't been able to do much because of injuries so Afalava's spot or even hawkins-mouton could be traded by one of these 2 guys based on potential.

    1 K - Bironas

    1 P - Kern

    1 LS - Brinkley

    That's my 53 man roster as of right now, and thats keeping mariani who has shown to be a solid player. I mean he can make some nice catches, hes a nice returner, rarely fumbles.can make big plays from time to time, i would keep him.
    Either Harper, Ringer or Quinn would have to be released to make it work but i think the titans can still make 1, 2 or even 3 waiver moves without releasing a player that we would hate to.
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    What are you talking about??? When did I submit my 53 man roster?

    And people need to lay off my analysis, I call it how I see it, and Casey did NOTHING (well close to nothing) vs 1's.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    There's no way Harper makes this team, he sucks at everything. I was wrong to think he'd be half decent at FB.

    And as for me calling Verner slow or not quick, of course he's quick, but I don't credit athleticism for his quickness, more about being in position because he's creative. He figures players out and beats them that way.
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    And that's why i said that..because i think you don't have a good perception on players aptitudes/performance, even the way you try to defend what you said about verner sounds ridiculous to me. You clearly said "he is not quick" PERIOD. Anticipating a play has nothing to do with being phisically quick. He has both and its pretty visible.

    If you read the post, it says "And about the 53 man roster guys......"

    Guys meaning forum in general

    I'm from Argentina so if there's something wrong about the way i expressed myself, let me know!
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    I would agree that Verner is our slowest DB.
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    who wouldn't?
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    ok i cant keep seeing this thread without saying Zach Brown band!!!!!!!!!
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    Speed is important but how often do wrs run straight line routes with no jukes, setups or double moves?

    Those are important to be able to recover from. Verner can do that with his shiftiness
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    Verner is mad athletic.

    JCBRAVE 2017 Pick'em Champion Tip Jar Donor

    Your English seems fine but best believe I know how to evaluate talent. Maybe the cultural barrier keeps you from fully understanding what I meant, but Verner is successful because of his intelligence, not because of his athleticism.

    When the world thought Eugene Amano was good, it was I who said otherwise. Then (3 years ago) no one agreed, and today they all agree.

    My problem might be that I know too much.

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