You're losing more than games, Munchak.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Deuce Wayne, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    Two weeks. Two weeks to prepare for a beat-up Texans team that isn't world-beating by any means even when at full strength. A Texans team that just got smashed in the face by a tough Ravens team. Two weeks to make changes to the o-line. Two weeks to finally be able to show the team some tape to go by and make adjustments.
    Somehow in those two weeks this team got worse. The Pittsburgh game was embarrassing, but at least we had the excuse that it was in Pittsburgh. This? We had every advantage possible and got beaten like a high school team.


    It's not about losing. This team is still in "rebuild" mode. Regardless of the great set-up we have this season... the opportunity with Manning out, Jags being terrible- forget that. This team isn't good enough to even get excited about it- or they have so many problems from talent to staff that it just doesn't matter. We're losing. Ok. Big deal. We expected to lose games this year.

    However we're losing as if it's a damned habit. Like it can't be fixed. Like we have no plans on fixing it... and that's why you're going to start losing fans, coach. It doesn't take long in this league to gain faith and loyal followers. It's even easier to lose them.

    So here's what you'd better do really quickly before you find yourself out of a job in 2 seasons:

    1. DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Show us you actually WANT to change something. Do SOMETHING different.
    2. Your offensive line. Isn't this your position? Wasn't this Bruce's position?... Fix it. Replace Amano. Stop giving us s*** about how it wont work. Guess what- you've only tried it ONCE due to injury... and it DID work. Do it again. TRY.
    3. Tell Jerry Gray to remember how this defense played the first of the season and stop playing like the Jeff Fisher Titans defense. Playing conservative D is not what won us 3 games. It's what lost us 3 games. And this will only continue.
    4. Replace Chris Johnson. Again- SHOW US you want things to change. Ringer might suck. Will he suck more than 1.9 yards per carry? I highly doubt it...

    You want to get real crazy? Put the RB in that actually EARNED the right to play during the offseason: Jamie Harper. A guy that runs with heart and doesn't need great blocking to move forward. But hey... I'm just an armchair QB trying to help you keep your job and not be booed off the field every Sunday in Nashville.


    You don't have to win.

    You don't have to solve anything.

    You do however need to show us that you are THINKING about changing things.

    This whole "Eventually it might work" strategy is suicidal. Start coaching.

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  2. T-Rac

    T-Rac Resident GoTitans Brit

    Agreed, something needs to be done. For the first time in a while I switched the Titans game off half way through the field. Simply because the Titans as a team gave up, they didn't fight for anything, they didn't fight for first downs and didn't fight to halt the Texans on offense.

    It was abysmal.
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  3. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    When you lose like that it is a lot more than one or two players or defensive play calling. We got our butts beat in every phase of the game.

    Time to prepare means nothing when nobody plays at a decent level.

    I do agree that it can be more than just 2 losses if the team losses all confidence in themselves and don't think they can win. Good thing we got the Colts next sunday.
  4. Bababooey

    Bababooey Veteran

    This would make sense if we were under the old CBA. Under the new CBA, the bye week is nearly a complete week off.

    Basically all the bye week did was give the team another week to dick around and lose focus and chemisty, especially with no game to play and prepare for that week.
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  5. Childress79

    Childress79 Loungefly ®

    That's the real worry. The measure of the coaches.

    When the fit hits the shan do something. Do anything.

    Hands on hips on the sideline blowing out a big sigh isn't going to cut it.
    it's time to give Ringer and Harper the bulk of the carries and have CJ spell them.

    CJ's run well before behind poor blocking. He's clearly playing with no confidence and over thinking each play.
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  6. titan_fan_4ever

    titan_fan_4ever Titans Rule

    valid point, but only somewhat. coaches can still plan and implement though.

    all week long all i heard was how dangerous their play action was; the real question is did coaches not see that in two weeks of supposed video study. b/c they REALLY slaughtered us with it....

    its time for some valasco and harper, in that regard i agree with d wayne.
  7. Riverman

    Riverman That may be.... Tip Jar Donor

    If you have 2 weeks to PREPARE and you lay an egg it is primarily COACHING!

    The players weren't ready emotionally, they weren't in the right position to make plays and the RIGHT people weren't on the field.

    This loss has exposed what I feared most about what another poster has referred to as a "scrub" coaching staff. Palmer should have been able to recognize that Cook was open on several plays. Palmer should have been able to recognize that Damian Williams just can't make the big play. He is a head case. Hasselbeck played well for what he had. CJ HAS lost a step- he had the ends sealed off on a few plays but couldn't get past the OLB- other than that- the running problems wasn't on him IMO.

    Bruce Matthews hasn't shown me much as the O-line coach. I don't give a chit if he was a franchise HOFer. There is no accountability on the O-line. Erroneous reads, missed blocks and quitting on the play- it was ALL there yesterday. I don't know if he is worried about issues of nepotism arising but Amano isn't getting it done as center. Harris is too stupid to make the reads- that much is obvious. He may remain serviceable as guard-I'm not sure. It is time for Velasco's chance at center or possibly Kevin Matthews at center and put Velasco at guard.

    The defensive scheme was a joke also. The Texans O-line made our D-line their biches. The only penetration our D-line got was in their butts. The Texans bent them over and had their way at will. I'm sure Marks, Smith, Jones, Ball are all walking bow-legged. (I saw Casey winning a couple of battles.) Tracy Rocker is not a qualified D-line coach IMO. Put him on notice.

    I'm ashamed of what I saw on the field. I was embarrassed to have paid what I did for those tickets and to bring my friends up to the game- talking up how the Titans could lead the division with a win. What a farce. I should have gone hunting instead. I was at a loss for what to speak about on the 2 hour car ride home. I found myself apologizing. Thank God for college football. I can at least count on them to show up.

    And Duece- you are spot on about Munchak. He better show the fans he is about player accountability. Fans like me are on the brink. It is just too frustrating. A blowout loss to the Steelers was bad. A post-bye home blow-out by the Texans? Really- WTF DID ANY OF YOU OVER-PAYED jackazzes do with that extra week?

    And to think this team will face the cupcake Colts and claim the ship has been righted IF we beat them doesn't satisfy me in the least. Not even beating the Bengals would do it.

    Not ready for the opener. Not ready for the post-bye game. There should be no question that the coaches are primarily to blame. Proper preparation prevents piss-poor results. Period.
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  8. EnglandTitan66

    EnglandTitan66 "The Plump Prince"

    I feel some sympathy for Munchak - he inherited some "players" that are Fishers legacy. And ... er .... Thats all.

    To still be playing like a Fisher team and still to be embracing some of Fishers selection and play-implementing ideology is embarassing to say the least. We expected to lose this season but not in the way we had our azz given to us on a plate yesterday by our only divisional rival this year ; while missing several key players.

    Deuce and Riverman make excellent points. The line on both sides of the ball were hopeless yesterday and the hilarity with Amano continues ; duffing the snap twice in a row yesterday - jeez.

    Can anyone tell me where Ruud is an upgrade over Tulloch ?

    Can anyone explain how we were not prepared for the Texan offense as they have only played with one dimension and one set of plays this year , after a bye week ?

    Mind you , at least we are spared the faux emotions of the moustached genius that recently departed.

    What a shame that the team continues in his mould.
  9. CheeseheadTitan

    CheeseheadTitan Pro Bowler Tip Jar Donor

    Yeah, agree with that...the other thing that was crossing my mind yesterday is the whole "14 practices in pads" BS with the new CBA. This really affects ALL tackling IMO (although ours is especially bad).

    NFL is getting closer to Arena league with all of these "keep them healthy" rule changes IMO. Why not just call it a day and put flags on everyone?
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  10. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne #CoachKegstand

    The thing I fear most is that Munchak is going to be Fisher pt 2.

    This whole sticking with Amano while he sucks and Velasco played better makes me think he doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Him regurgitating this "Well, there's not much we can do. That just wont work" BS is straight out of the Fisher-speak Bible.
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