Your Top 5 1st Round Picks

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by MaxPayne, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. MaxPayne

    MaxPayne 1st Team

    1) Jeremy Maclin - WR (Mizz)
    2) Malcolm Jenkins - CB (Ohio State)
    3) Ramses Barden - WR (Cal Poly)
    4) Hakeem Nicks - WR (UNC)
    5) Percy Harvin - WR (FL)

  2. Deuce Wayne


    I dont think Harvin should crack the 2nd round. Ramses Barden the same.
  3. aloving77

    aloving77 Camp Fodder

    All those wide receivers in front of Michael Crabtree?
  4. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    If we are talking about who might be there at 30 than forget jenkins he might be top 10.

    I don't buy the notion that we should just take whatever WR is there. If a better player is there than take him instead.
  5. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    If it's Top 5 Picks for the Titans in Round One, Based on Draft Position:

    1) Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest: Only knock on this kid is his size 5'8" 193. Has great hips, great in run support; ACC career INT leader (21) over Dre Bly (20), led country in picks in 2007 with 8; hits big, covers great, is smart, only top CB beside Malcolm Jenkins to be AP All-America First Team, not Vontae Davis, not DJ Moore or Victor Harris. I pray his size allows him to slip to us. Two or three more inches, he's probably the first CB taken. Remember how you felt about Bob Sanders when he came out, but there was that 5'8" thing? Smith is the perfect choice especially if we lose Vinny Fuller. He can eventually take over for Harper and actually improve our performance in the secondary. Especially if Chuck Cecil takes over as defensive coordinator, I think fortifying one of the teams best units is a fitting choice.

    2) Hakeem Nicks, WR, UNC - If we can't get Anquan Boldin via trade, I like the idea of getting Nicks, almost better even. No injury concerns. Senior. Big playmaker, very tough and would fit our system well. Would still need to look for a speed element, but as far as a solid receiver, I would feel good about this guy's longterm prospects with the team. Since they're not as complete receivers, I'll list Darrius Hayward-Bey and Percy Harvin, as well, in that order. I'll give the nod to DHB's size-speed and less injuries to Harvin, but I won't say Dinger and the Titans won't be intrigued by the options Harvin will present. Harvin may also simultaneously replace the immediate need for a change-of-pace back, a la Darren Sproles. This would also be cheaper than acquiring the FA Sproles, while filling two roles on offense, not to mention special teams. But overall, give me Nicks in the first round.

    3) James Laurinitis, LB, Ohio State: This is one of those detours I would take, should the opportunity present itself. Laurinitis has been a top prospect for years. Smart as well as "football smart," he's an excellent communicator and definitely a top talent, perhaps a safer choice than projected better talent such as Brian Cushing, for instance. Laurinitis can play all LB positions, upgrade the talent in the middle, and be flexible enough to stay on the field in third downs, at least over time. This is a "find a replacement" strategy for Keith Bulluck. Laurinitis would allow the Titans to move Thornton to weakside to replace Bulluck, and pick either Tulluch or Laurinitis for either SAM or MIKE. Clint Sintim would be a consideration here for this reason should he be around and also merit first round status, as he is also considered a rush end in the 3-4. At 6'3 249, in a 4-3 he would project to strongside LB, but something about his demeanor makes me picture him as a nasty Ray Lewis type in the middle.

    4) Alex Mack, C, Cal: Kevin Mawae is not getting any younger, and even though he may want to finish that contract is not to say the Titans may not be better off not letting him. Also, it's questionable whether the player's union needs him more at this point. Along the same lines of thinking as the Alphonso Smith pick, why not fortify one of the team's best units? Alex Mack is considered the best center prospect since Nick Mangold, who ironically replaced Mawae as the Jets starting center. You gotta figure that after the safety last night, the Steelers are going to look to replace Justin Hartwig. Why not beat them to the punch before they can put the first block in place to rebuild their offensive line? Move Harris over to left guard beside Roos, and relegate Amano to backup both? Bring up Jason Murphy to the 53-man, and keep Loper or Otto as the swing, or draft someone on day two to compete. This is actually one of my favorite plays in round one. Mack combines the athletic footwork of Mawae with the ability to take on Haloti Ngatas and Albert Haynesworths. If you enjoy pancake blocks and have become a fan of the Titans O-line, this is your pick. Probably the safest round one pick.

    5) Michael Johnson, DE, Ga Tech - If you don't know, this is a 6'7" 257lb DE that many mocks have projected as the Titans choice. You know, there is something to be said for yet again shoring up a position of strength. Despite having 9 defensive line contributors, it can be said the immediate futures of Albert Haynesworth and Dave Ball are uncertain, and that after 2009, the futures of Tony Brown, Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch are uncertain as well. Kevin Vickerson is signed to a one-year extension and Jacob Ford's first contract expires after 2009. William Hayes is a fourth round pick, but will he develop? Only rookie standout Jason Jones will be around for the next few years. Still think we don't need to go d-line in round one? If anyone can get the most out of Michael Johnson, Jim Washburn can. An alternative pick would be Tyson Jackson, DT, LSU who is 6'5" 292 lbs and runs around a 4.85 40. Much the same way I wonder if the Titans are making Jason Jones into a superstar Tony Brown and may let Brown walk when his contract is up rather than pay him, I wonder if the Titans would take Jackson, and either play him at his natural RDE position, or try to turn him into a better mannered Albert Haynesworth with the same type of experiment.
  6. Soxcat

    Soxcat Pro Bowler

    For right now it looks like the BPA at our pick might be a CB based on the projections I've seen. Alphonso Smith is a possibility. DJ Moore might be a guy who we could get some snaps on the offensive side of the ball as well as being a solid CB and he helps in the return game.

    I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the Titans discuss Percy Harvin as a possibility just to hear what they think.
  7. GLinks

    GLinks Second Gear

    Well, as far as corners who can play on the offensive side of the ball, I found this scouting report on Darius Butler, a cornerback from UConn. From what I remember last year, UConn had a speedy guy with good size, Tyvon Branch, who went to the Raiders in four. In the write-up, Butler is referred to as a less-talented "Primetime." Projected to go in two, but could play up, especially if there is an early run on corners. Sean Smith is another guy I could maaaybe see getting some hype to warrant possibly very late first round consideration, but probably not.

    Sounds like the big knock on Butler is tackling, but read the pros, cons and analysis. Makes me think "Samari with upside," if that does it for you to any degree. Butler

    "Pros: Great quickness for a corner and good speed and make up speed. Amazing Hands for a corner, even lining up at WR from time to time. Also seems to have very good hips and solid technique. Ability to return kicks and make people miss. Can legitimate play 3 ways on Offense, Defense, and ST which increases value. A flat out play maker who will intercept the ball with the best of them. Missed only 1 game in college, no injury concerns.
    Cons: Tackling is a bit iffy. Not sure how he can handle big physical wide receivers. Run tackling leaves a bit to be desired. Needs to hit an NFL weight program and get more physical to deal with big WR like Moss and Williams. Questions about how he can handle red zone routes, especially fade routes.

    Draft Exchange Analysis:
    Could end up being the best shut down/play making CB in this draft. He is following in the recent years of great Big East CB's like Revis and Jenkins. Hidden to most of the country up in the northeast, but he has been on the NFL radar for a while, especially since his cousin is Willis MaGahee. It will be interesting to see if he is used in multiple ways on his team like Deion Sanders was. Not as big a playmaker as Primetime, but comes in the same mold. Played offense in high school so is used to that aspect of the game and would be ready if called upon. I see his biggest hurdle being that he appears a tiny bit small to cover big guys, and possibly a half second slow to cover small burners. Ultimately, I see him projecting to be like an Antonio Cromartie at his best."
  8. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    your first three are pretty much the same as mine, but i don't like alex mack in the first round(i just don't think interior linemen are worth a first round pick) and there's just something about michael johnson that i don't like.
  9. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    5 guys I wish the Titans will draft (but can’t happen) in order of priority:
    1. Darrius Heyward-Bey (MD): hard to believe, but I honestly think that in 3 yrs, he’ll be the best WR in this class
    2. Everett Brown (FSU)
    3. Malcolm Jenkins (OSU)
    4. Rey Maualuga (USC)
    5. James Laurinaitis (OSU): I really don’t think he’ll be available by the time we pick…if he is (like some of you guys think) GET HIM!

    5 guys who might be there:
    1. Darrius Heyward-Bey (MD)
    2. Hakeem Nicks (UNC)
    3. D.J. Moore (Van)
    4. Alphonso Smith (WF)
    5. Clay Matthews (USC): not sold on him, but ‘what the heck?’
  10. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler

    Cromartie was 6'2 and ran a 4.3 forty. How is a 5'11 guy who they think will run in the 4.4's be similar? Cromartie is a freaky athlete.

    While Butler is a better zone CB and that is what we predominantly play, Fisher won't like that he's a weak tackler. Rolle wasn't a strong tackler either when he got here but he was more athletic than Butler and could lock up WR's in man from day 1.

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