Your favorite potential Free Agent move.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nickmsmith, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. MikeyDay

    MikeyDay Clutch like a stick shift

    Bring in the Joesphs. Davin for the oline and Jonathon Joesph for the secondary
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  2. Titaneers

    Titaneers Ultimate Player

    Eric Weddle? .... we kinda need someone in the safety spot...
  3. BudAdams

    BudAdams SayHelloToMyLittleFriends

    Albert Pujols.
  4. Finnebosch

    Finnebosch I am vengeance.

    Fixed for truth... I hope.
  5. tomachek2009

    tomachek2009 LEGEND

    My free agent wishlist

    Chad Pennington
    Marc Bulger
    Le’ron McClain
    Jason Snelling
    Malcom Floyd
    Mathias Kiwanuka

    I believe chad pennington could be a great mentor to a rookie QB or Marc Bulger with some time off with a stable line might be an improvement over collins

    McClain and Snelling could be available for each team are deep in the rb position

    Floyd is someone i think we should pull the triggeron he could very well be available the chargers prove they can get it done with anyone he has big size a good combo with britt

    Kiwanuka has fallen out of favor in new york and lived in the shadows i think he can be extremely effective for us

    Atogwe is an instint improvement over Chris Hope if Bud Adams is serious about winning he needs to dish out some money now for some of the possible big free agents this year
  6. griff33daddy

    griff33daddy Starter

    birng in someone like

    corner-Drayton Florence and stanford routt from raiders who is a good nickel back
    safety-Jordan Babineaux or darren shaper who is still good for a year or 2 for a safety to develop behind

    linebackers-manny lawson who is a stud i would sign him to a 4 or 5 year deal but nothing over 15-20 mil

    dt- trey lewis from falcons if we can get cheap if not draft a dt first round

    de- Mathias Kiwanuka sign a big contract with him a solid contributor in run game too and can provide pass rush then let babin walk plus he is younger than babin too

    sign any guard like justin blalock or boothe and they are instant upgrades

    cut washington hope and gage

    sign floyd as a number 2 and if possibe bring in someone like steve breaston or steve smith for slot unless the team thinks d will can play it and i think he very well could

    bring in a vet like bulger who wont be to expensive and a spell back like mcgahee if he is cheap if not get helu or someone in the draft...

    then we could draft a dt in the first qb in second ss in 3rd if we get a vet like sharper o lineman in 4th linebacker in 5th wr in 6h and rb in 7th

    i would only give out decent contracts to floyd lawson and our d end as they all would be solid contributors for us and upgrades
  7. TitanGuy

    TitanGuy Hey, Mama Rock Me...

    You do realize this is the NFL and not Franchise Mode on Madden, right? Good teams are built over time. Sheesh.
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  8. RavensShallBurn

    RavensShallBurn Ruck the Favens

    You gonna pay him $30 mil per season?
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Barry Cofield is the best move we can make that would be realistic. The Giants drafted a big DT in rd 2 last year so they are probably going to go with him and not try that hard to keep Cofield.

    He is a quick DT who can rush the passer and fits our system well but he is 310 lbs not 280.

    Re franchise for Tulloch or Babin. No way we are paying either of those guys $14M. I would offer Tulloch a similar deal that Amano and Brown got about $5M a year.
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  10. ScotTitan

    ScotTitan Starter

    I agree Cofield is a perfect fit here.
    I think Babin will leave so we should move Jones to DE, and draft a 3rd round Dt(Austin,Jenkins?) and a late round DE for depth.

    Ball-Marks-Brown-Late DE

    We should also make Asomugha a large offer.
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