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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by gran54, Apr 1, 2012.

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    If Zach Brown is there in the 2nd, again, I think its as clear a choice as if Decastro is there at 20 in the 1st. DE is usually a gamble no matter when they are taken. A linebacker with the speed Brown has is easy to develop into a great talent. He shows the potential to be the player Bullock was for the Titans.


    1. David DeCastro, G, Stanford
    2. Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina
    3. Kheeston Randall, DT, Texas

    Im drooling . . . :drool:
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    How does he have bust written all over him? 6'3 220, 4.47 40, 36.5" vert, 16 BP, combined with good college production. I personally think Michael Floyd is the 2nd best WR in this draft, and about to take over Blackmon. Some scouts have him at the #1 WR spot, and have him going to the Rams if Blackmon is gone by #6.

    179 catches, 2172 yards, 21 TDs his last two years at ND.
    Missed one game those two years due to injury.

    The only "character issues" that he has is he likes to party. Has gotten underage consumption and a DUI during his time at ND. So what? He's a kid, and we like to party. Thaty'll go away once he matures.

    I'd love for him to be available at #20, but it wont happen I think. Here's all the teams I could see possibly drafting Floyd: STL (6), JAC (7), MIA (8), CAR (9), ARI (13), NYJ (16), CIN (17), SD (18), CHI (19). If he slips through all those teams; i'd be amazed.
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    I would definitely take him in the 1st, I actually think Wright is a bit overrated.
  4. Fry

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    He's constantly nicked up. Sat out most of the bowl game against FSU because he tweaked something.

    I don't really care about the DUI.

    He looks stiff when he runs. He's not smooth at all. I hope one of the teams in our division drafts him in the first.
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    I'll give you the being "nicked up", but stiff route running is not true.

    Here's a highlight video:
    [ame=""]Ultimate Michael Floyd Highlights - YouTube[/ame]

    Where on there do you see "stiff" route running? I'll admit, he doesn't explode off the line, and his route running can be sloppy (same with every other college prospect); but I don't see stiff.

    Here's what CBSSports/NFLDraftScout says:
    Route running: Needs to tighten up his routes, but has the quick feet and balance to cut or come back to the ball. Should excel in a West Coast or timing-type of offense. Lined up at every receiver position to take advantage of the best matchup. Solid threat on slants, shallow crosses and in the red zone.

    Here's what says:
    Strengths: Floyd is a polished receiver. He is a solid route runner who will consistently make the big catch. He is an excellent athlete who is strong and contributes in the run game with his physicality on the edge. A receiver who is tough across the middle, Floyd will make the difficult catch and get upfield. Floyd brings that No. 1 receiver presence to the next level and projects to produce to that standard. Floyd's frame and explosiveness off the line make him a presence that is felt by opposing defenses. As a blocker, Floyd will do more than just mirror defenders, as he will come down the line of scrimmage and crack linebackers. He is a red-zone threat at any level.

    Not trying to attack you, but Michael Floyd is one of my favorite prospects this year and think he'll be a stellar pro (if he keeps healthy)
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    He looks all over the place when he runs to me. Look at his arms, they go all over the place. He's just not smooth.

    Remember watching the Chris Johnson highlights when he was at ECU? He made running look easy. Floyd makes it look like it's the toughest thing in the world.

    [ame=""]Michael Floyd vs Florida State Champs Sports Bowl - YouTube[/ame]
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    Comparing a 4.24 speed RB to a WR isn't fair.. lol

    You're saying he's stiff because he swings his arms side by side when he runs? Since he does that, he'll be a bust?
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    I just don't like his game. He has concentration issues, is nicked up constantly, isn't a smooth athlete and played against a cupcake schedule. I think he's kind of soft too.

    The off-field stuff doesn't bother me as much. He apparently pulled things together his senior season.

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    I would LOVE if we got Michael Floyd with the 20th pick. I think he is a great athlete with #1 receiver ability. Him and Britt would be an extremely threatening combination.
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    You know who he reminds me of? Justin McCareins.