Youngs wonderlic mishap helped us learn

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gunny, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. KamikaZ

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  2. Gunny

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    That's just plain dumb.

    But it is the method of the NFLs madness.

    And as stated in the article it didn't affect VY being the first QB Selected in the draft.
  3. Gut

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    The Wonderlic was pretty much designed to judge the 'mental capacity' of players coming out. The NFL knows that a lot of guys 'slipped' thorugh the academic part of the system...but if you have to learn a complex offense or defense, they wanna be sure you're up for it.

    In a book I just read, they mentioned an NFL player who had a learning disorder. The guy could play ball, but he couldn't always remember the plays. Just an example.

    The wonderlic is not really designed to test 'football intelligence', but rather overall intelligence (whatever that is!). A lot of teams hold this (and other academia) in high regard. For instance, if I remember correctly, the Ravens put only key info on the front of a draft prospects card...the wonderlic being one of the key pieces of info. However, a low wonderlic doesn't mean they WON'T draft you and a high wonderlic doesn't mean they want to draft you.

    It's just another piece to the puzzle.

    The 40 time is similar. They need some way of comparing players to each other. And a really slow or really fast 40 time is usually indicative of playability. It's not a guarantee, but a good general rule. There aren't too many 4.7 WR's in the league who excel. There are a couple, but they are by far the exception.

    These tests are used generally. A guy who runs a 4.30 is not much worse than a guy who ran a 4.29 40. The difference is negligible over 40 yards (all other factors being equal) but fans will say one guy ran a 4.3 and the other guy at 4.2 is the fastest guy in the NFL.

    The NFL is a lot more advanced in analyzing players with 10, 20, 40 yard dashes, cone drill, shuttle run, various position drills, complete medical history, accurate height/weight, weightlifting (overall strength) and as complete a background check as you'll find. It's that the fans frequently still only focus on the 40.

  4. titanbuoy

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    Some of the wording in the test was a little awkward but I did okay. I have always tested extremely well, raised expectations for the level of my performance... and then chronically underachieved from that point forward.

    I'm the "bizzaro" Vince Young.
  5. RollTide

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    Remember the time limit..

    You have little time to complete it and that can cause you to rush and make mistakes. Most of the questions are easy but there is little time for each and some need a second or third reading..

    I suggested from the beginning that vince young's wonderlic poblems might be due to his reading ability. If you can't read well enough it's hard to comprehend what the answer would be. The questions are tricky and unconventional.

    Maybe a basic reading comprehension test should be given first then the wonderlic.
  6. BigRed3

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    Yeah... how is that 50 working for Ryan Fitzpatrick?
  7. GoT

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    Too bad Floyd based so many of his Indy Man Crushes on 40 times in shorts. I'm just saying - Jones, Woolfolk, ect... - is all.
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