Young's lack of maturity

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    I'm going to have to take responsibility for Vince's ego. After the back to back interceptions it was good ole BP that was raking him over the coals as he stood with the huddle inside the 20 yard line near the South EZ following the touchback after Jacksonville's 3 and out. From row ee of section 117 I yelled and berated him. His skin is so thin he actually turned to me and stared at me as I continued on. A few plays later he faked an injury and exited the field.
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    That is the only time I can think of him doing it.

    With Pacman, Haynesworth he never discussed it with the media.
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    I trust the coaches. Not you.

    And if he was injured. It's perfectly ok to act like that. All players do. If you don't want to believe Fisher then that is your perogative.
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    This is why dud screwed the team when he screwed Steve McNair. All it would have taken is one year on the bench learning behind one the greatest warrior QBs in the league and Vince wouldn't be the pouting, cry baby QB he is now. Sure it would have set the team back a year, but how many years will the team be set back if Vince continues on his current path.
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    You know, I was really happy that after the first pick, Vince went over to sideline, got with Coach, and started studying over what happened. And that pick was all his fault. The second pick was a fluke, and he goes over to the sideline and self destructs. I'm as big a Vince supporter as any, but he has to get his head on straight. Hopefully the injury becomes a positive for us. Maybe Young can recognize how easily that could've been to end of his career. Maybe that, along with watching another guy take his spot, will relight that fire in him.
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    I think Vince's rookie year has become a great burden to him because everybody expects too much of him. He's being too cautious in the way he plays trying not to make mistakes, which at the end are part of the game. He gets paid the big bucks to play football and to have a short memory when it comes to screw ups. He should learn to relax and play the game.
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    I agree. I really think this could serve as a wake up call for Vince. Seeing one of the best QBs in the game go down for the season (Brady) may make VY wake up and realize how fortunate he is to be playing in this league. Did anyone see Ahmard Hall's quote where he said something like "No one ever knows what's going through Vince's head." It's paraphrased, but you get the gist of it. The QB has to be a calm, cool, and collected LEADER. I guess I'm just repeating a lot of what has already been said so I'll go ahead and end this post now.
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    If Vince doesn't pick his game up this season maybe we do need to look into an alternative. I would say Brady Quinn by what I have seen but who knows.
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    exactly what I was going to post...

    Vince has to fix his attitude and maturity QUICK or Titans will miss THIS window of a few good years in the league.
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