Young will remain a captain; Collins ponders future

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky I spent a little extra time with Titans coach Jeff Fisher after practice today to ask him about Vince Young's team captaincy.
    I didn't expect it to be stripped -- that wouuld have created a huge story -- but I do think once he's back in uniform it will appear very odd for a guy with a "C" on the front of his jersey will spend much of the game perched atop an equipment crate.
    "He was voted a captain by his teammates and that never changes as far as I am concerned," Fisher said. "We've basically, because (Young's) been inactive, appointed Kerry as captain because of the natural progression and the position he plays."
    Collins will continue to be a captain as long as he's starting, Fisher said. And Fisher has said repeatedly that Collins will hold onto the job as long as things are going well for the team.
    Playing again has stirred things up for Collins, whose contract is up at the end of the season. He told the two primary beat reporters today that he can't envision returning as a backup. (Tennessean and City Paper.)
    "After sitting for two years and not being a starter, I know I can still do this at high level. It is going to have to be a starting job or I'm going to have to make a decision,'' Collins said. "I feel like I'm a starter. It is going to be hard for me to go back to being a back-up.''
    Collins in no way was attempting to ignite a controversy. He simply gave an honest answer to a question about next year. Clearly the Titans are going to be making big decisions on Young, Collins and Chris Simms when this season is over.
    Young returned to practice today in a limited capacity. If the Titans needed him, he could be on a faster track back from the knee sprain he suffered in the opener. He's probably the third quarterback for the third consecutive game this week when the Titans go to Baltimore, but this time he's more likely to be in uniform.
    He spoke once after the first game, when he was booed, tried to take himself out of the game and later got hurt. He's completely off limits now.

Thread Status:
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