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  1. Facts are facts. He was going to get hit either way once he ran. And you "know" that I'm right, too. If he didn't go all out, it certainly wasn't because it was preseason. So, since that isn't it, what other reason is there?

    So you think that when he got hit by 2 defenders short of the goal line that there was no chance of injury? That somehow he was safer by not going all out to the endzone?
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  2. tex-titan

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    I guess your use of the word facts is a bit different than most would take it. When I saw him start to run I thought he could cross the goal line before being hit. I also don't think Vince saw the LB come in from the right who caused the fumble.

    I blame him for dropping the ball, I don't blame the decision to run or to not go all out.

    And yes, I think if he had gone full tilt into the end zone he would have taken a much bigger hit.
  3. Loqitar10

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    The only people who "sell out" in a preseason games are people who are trying to make the squad. They have to, its their SB. But, for a starter, or a QB who you may have to be depended on, to "sell out" and do so in a way that would bring serious risk of injury is stupid. I serious doubt McNair would have played it any differently in a meaningless game. Giving your all when it matters is what we love, selling out and ruining your season in a practice game is not what these guys are paid the big bucks to do, nor is it what the Coaches want from them in that situation.
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  4. GoT

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    I'm sure the coaches said "Vince, hey Vince - VINCE TAKE YOUR EARBUDS OUT! - OK Vince if the hot read is covered throw the ball away so we can try and score here"
  5. The facts are all there in video. There is zero chance that Vince wasn't going to get hit. Now, he could have gotten the ball across the goalline first, but he was absolutely going to take a hit. He had to know that (or I really don't respect his decision making ability).

    And there's no way he didn't see the defenders ahead of him. No way at all. Perhaps he might have not seen one of them behind the lines, but 2 were in the open field ahead of him.

    Fumbling is always going to catch blame, but the decision to run was clearly bad decision making. And you don't even need to take my word for it. Fisher said so as well.

    I highly doubt that...
  6. Then explain why VY ran the ball. If he wasn't going to "sell out" and actually go for the endzone, why didn't he throw the ball away and stop the clock?
  7. Psychop1

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    Exactly. If it's about safe play in the preseason, why run in the first place? Why are people so damn dedicated to making excuses for Vince Young?

    And PLEASE stop with the McNair comparisons. It's not even close, nor will it ever be. Find another QB to compare Young to, preferably a QB closer to his style of play such as Vick or Stewart.
  8. TBC_titan

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    And why are people so damn dedicated to condemning him, especially seeing as he's still under Dinger's 'let me work with him for two more seasons to assess him' time frame?
    Yeah, we get it Psy. You think he sucks. You think he'll never amount to anything. Everyone here is fully aware of your, Eddy85, Starkiller and whoever else that incessantly cries their negative opinion around here.

    For the first three seasons, it IS fairly close.
    And if you can't see that, you're either blind, stubborn or stupid stupid stupid.
  9. Psychop1

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    Here's the thing. Nobody wants to condemn him. I want to believe everything you believe. Logic won't let me. He's only played worse since his rookie season. If he's a development in progress, fine, then call him as he is. Don't blow smoke up my rear about how he's coming into his own or making real progress when he obviously isn't.

    The best part of being a realist? I don't have to omit stats to point out Vince's failures. I don't have to make up some mumbojumbo about how his throwing mechanics is fine. I don't have to cherry-pick stats. Vince provides.

    No, it really isn't. You should be careful with your choice of words. Post something like that to the right poster, and you end up with a barrage of PM's about hurt feelings, reported posts etc... but anyway, no I don't see much similarity. McNair continued to make progress from one season to the next. Young has been like McNair in reverse, and that's where the comparisons should end.
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  10. nbtoppers2

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    all of these posts are right on.

    it's funny how the Vince defenders parallel the conspiracy theorists who claim 9/11 was an internal attack done by our government.

    you can prove their theories wrong 10 million times with 10 million different pieces of evidence but they still don't believe a damn thing.
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