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    SUMMARY: Vince Young said today the was not the troubled man portrayed by the media after a knee injury and family concerns about his emotional state. "I’m fine. I’m good," he said. “I just needed a day and a half to get through some things and how to handle things, but now I am OK. I was never depressed; I just hurt a little bit. … When it happens again I’ll know how to handle it. I just want everyone in the world to know I am fine." Young confirmed he is committed to the Titans and never considered retiring. "Football, this is my life. This is my dream. All I did all these years growing up to get to this point and never had an injury like this before in my life," Young said. “It's a hard time because I'm a competitor, and I definitely want to be out on the football field with my teammates."

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    "...I'm so sure that I want to play football that it only took me three days to answer the question."
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