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    SUMMARY: Though he hasn't seen prime time since the '06 Rose Bowl, Titans QB Vince Young is excited about the opportunity to leave a positive impression to tonight's national audience. "A big game," Young said. "The type of game I love. Everybody gets to see it." Many Titans players are looking to make a statement tonight. "Opinions about us will be formed by how we do, just because of the exposure," Titans S Chris Hope said. "When you're on a Monday night game, everybody wants it to be an exciting game, whether it's a lot of scoring, a lot of big hits or a big defensive battle. A lot of teams also get upset when weak teams get to play on Monday night. We don't want to look like one of those weak teams. So it is an opportunity for us to show that we are a team to be reckoned with."

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Thread Status:
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