Young Hoping to Avoid Mistakes and Learn in Debut

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    SUMMARY: When Vince Young takes the field for the first time tonight, he admits there will be some nerves to deal with. "When I pull up to the stadium I'll have butterflies, and when I walk out and get the call to go in, I'm sure I'll have butterflies, too," Young said. "I'm excited to play. But it's just one game, and there's a lot more ahead. I'm just going to go out there and try not to make any mistakes and try not to put too much pressure on myself." In training camp practices, Young has made some head-turning plays along with countless errors. He's had trouble with the exchange from center and has thrown his fair share of interceptions. Young says his goal for the preseason opener will be to avoid mistakes and get more comfortable with the NFL play clock.

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    The mistakes are bound to happen.

    Just as long as he learns from them.
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