Young apologizes to Titans for breaking team rules

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewsGrabber, Aug 14, 2007.

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    just some random thoughts.

    1)I disagree. Vince should not be held to higher standard. all players should be held to same high standard.

    2)I don't blame Fisher for suspending him because the bottom line is he broke the rule and he got supsended. The problem I have with Fisher is the "double standard." He did not treat PacMan this way his first two years on the team. Look at the all the B.S. Pacman did before he got suspended that one gamel

    3)No one came out and said that others players broke the rules but when I read between the lines, that is the impression I get.

    4)I really don't think that is that big a deal. PTI, Jime Rome, ESPN. It is not serious enough to make the NFL news. It was a freakin preseason game.
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    You can not suspend 20 players for a game if that was the extent of it. I would imagine this got to a level that would have stopped us from fielding a team day one of the preseason. So the organization can be made to look the fools and suspend each and every player and no be able to field a team in the 1st preseason game which is also a home game or they can choose a face to represent the punishment. Young is the team’s leader, a roll he has embraced. Leaders take punishment for the actions of there subordinates.

    Fisher was smart to bench Young IMO. Everyone is holding him up on a pedestal like he can not do anything wrong and will get special treatment even if he does. This shows the team that no individual is more important then the team, not even the great Vince Young.

    Young needs to show maturity and development to completely take the leadership roll. You can not be running after a S and starting a fight in practice and not following basic rules set by the team like curfew. While I think the fight showed fire in Young it was a poor decision. It shows a lack of self control and a lack of maturity. Fire is great if used correctly. On a one instance thing that can be looked over but now you add this breaking of curfew? If I am Fisher I want to make sure that I squish any chance of this being a re-occurring disregard for team rules where the player thinks he is above the rules or certain rules are less important.

    Good move it was only the 1st preseason game a game Young has been inching to play since the loss in NE. He knew the rules and the consequences and he still disobeyed.
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    The other side of the coin is....Fisher could have been trying to decide which is the best backup. Giving each a half could have helped that decision. Lots of things to consider, but it sure seems curious. This could have actually been worked out between Fisher and Vince ahead of time, for the good of the team overall. There is so much we are not privy to.
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    If only someone with inside info could tell us the untold story...:grrhee:
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    Broke the RULES can't Play

    The first question Vince, answered concerning the suspensions was, "How do you Feel about the suspension?"

    His Reply was, "Broke the Rules, can't play, you know... Gotta go bye the Rules"

    After he continued to ask the reporters to drop the subject, and move to the next question. The questions about the suspension continued to flow.

    It's not as if it were a formal statement. That he thought about all night, and wrote down. They were in the moment responses. I don't think that Vince tried to pass blame or not own up at all....

    The Answers that some are considering a cop-out is to the question..

    "You think its fair that everybody else... (the rest was not clear to me.)?

    His response, It happens, and I was the one that singled out, being one of the Leaders, I can't do that...

    Do you feel like you let your teammates down, even though it was a pre-season game?

    If I did I apologize to my teammates, coaches, fans... (you all know the rest)

    I thought it was also cool that he added, "Kids abide by the rules, and this is what happens if you don't."

    One other thing I would like to add, is I that Fisher had the authority to sit him, and did, Vince owned up to it. So I don't see why it's turning into a character issue with some media outlets, and people in the public.

    One of the ESPN analyst who played in the NFL for 5 years, said yesterday, that he knows for a fact that these violations happen all the time. He went on to say, that they have positional meetings, and go over film, and then at lights out... guys go home, and not just guys who have been in the league for 4 or more years.

    I used to work in the hotel industry, and have seen Athletes violating curfew rules with my own eyes, NFL, and NBA players. It's done more than you think, and team leaders are not exempt for this sort of behavior.

    It is equivalent to some of the stuff that happens in corporate America all the time, that can be enforced but never hardly is, or getting pulled over for going 7.5 miles above the speed limit, you can't complain because a rule is a rule.

    Not saying its right, but it happens.
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    I agree with most of what everyone is posting regarding this...I think it was fair to a certain degree and that Vince handled it pretty can just tell that from his competitive nature, it had to have been eating him up inside not being able to start. Then the jack arse commentators kept repeating it over and over and over and over and talked about how he must be so embarrassed and had his hat low to hide away from the media...they didn't even KNOW what rule was broken! I mean, a rule is a rule...but finding out that Vince spent the night at home instead of staying in a hotel isn't the same as him skipping out to go spend all night partying at a strip club. Of course, I'm sure this is what the rule is trying to protect against....anyway, I'm on a tangent....the only thing I wanted to add was...

    Did Fisher skip the hotel stay too? Why is it that the media was only alerted an hour prior to kickoff that Vince wasn't going to be starting in the game Obviously the coaches knew about it the same night. I mean, if it was a regular season game, I know they wouldn't disclose such vital information so that the opposing team wouldn't have time to change their strategy. Plus maybe they didn't want it to become a distraction to the team prior to the game. STILL...I may sound disloyal by saying so, but I am driving 4 hours to see the Titans/Buffalo preseason game in two weeks. If I was told that he wasn't going to even start, it would seriously make me question whether it is worth making the drive for what is already a "countless" game. I'm just saying that this could have been information that some fans really would have liked to have. I know you'd probably be out the ticket money, but I don't know. I'm all for what's best for the team, but I just feel bad for the fans who went expecting to see him...especially the little kids.
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    ^^^^^^ Yeah- how many more empty seats at LP field would there have been if they had announced Sat AM that vince wasn't playing?
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    Maybe Vince was referring to the veterans who do get to stay at home during camp. Maybe there are older veterans who aren't required to stay at the hotel during camp, but chose to, perhaps to avoid the daily commute given the long work which case, Fisher's rule is that once you make that choice to check into the hotel, you stick with it for the entire camp and you can't choose which days you want to stay there.

    But Peter Sirmon suggested that Fisher will make exceptions if you state your case and have a particular reason. Sirmon said you better just be sure you follow procedure and get permission.

    So unless Vince or someone is going to rat out the guys who allegedly broke the rules just like him and we know who he's talking about and what their situation was, I wouldn't assume Fisher is "singling Vince out". Especially if, as Terry McCormick alluded to in a TV appearance on Sunday, there are also some whispers about Young having been late to meetings.

    I don't think this is a too big a deal or a "character issue" to be too concerned about, but taken with the late arrival/missed flight last year during the regular season, and the alleged tardiness for meetings that McCormick talked about....I also don't have a problem if Fisher opted not to go easy on Vince. He still has some stripes to earn here.

    Hell, Fisher has cut no-name players for similar violations. If Vince is really complaining about fairness here, he should talk to that poor kid who got cut the first day of camp a couple of years ago because he'd had an unauthorized guest visit his room the night before. He was the example that year.
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    Fisher had two options after he decided to suspend Young. He could have told the press that Young was held out of the game because of illness, or he could have said that he was suspended for breaking team rules.

    The ONLY reason that he would say the latter was to make a point to Young and to the rest of the team. Fisher copped a lot of crap last year for "losing his team" with Pacman being a disruptive influence. He sure as hell ain't going to make the same mistake this year.
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