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    If you've been here awhile, take a look back at previous years posts and see how you fared vs JRob's selections. I'm going to post my past 3 years from posts I've found

    2020: Draft Network Mock Drafts

    1:29 - Trevon Diggs, CB
    2:61 - Marlon Davidson, DL
    3:93 - Cam Akers, RB
    5:174 - Kevin Dotson, OG
    7:225 - Tipa Galeai, Edge
    7:238 - Jake Hanson, C
    7:244 - Jordan Fuller, S

    Round 1:Really any pick in the 1st round would have been better than Wilson, but Diggs went 51st overall and had a very good rookie season.

    Round 2: Davidson wasn't available by our 2nd round pick and was not good. Fulton didn't play enough to really get a read on.

    Round 3: Cam Akers likewise was not available in Round 3and had a forgettable rookie season.

    Round 5: Dotson also was gone before our 5th rounder, but he played very well his rookie season.

    Round 7: Galeai signed as a UDFA and never made an impact for GB. Hanson went in the 6th round and didn't make an impact. Fuller went in the 6th round but played very well.

    As far as the players themselves, Diggs, Dotson, and Fuller are guys I liked and they look like they will be a major contributors. Bt only Diggs was available at the spots I had us taking them. We don't really have a good reading on the rest of the players in JRobs 2020 class to make a judgement here. But based off of round 1, I win.
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  2. Carp

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    2019: I had 2 mocks that I could find, so I'll post them both, but considering how awesome this draft class was for JRob, I can comfortably say JRob wins this one

    Your '19 First Pick drafts

    1.19 - Ed Oliver
    2.19 - Greg Little
    3.18 - Austin Bryant
    4.19 - Deebo Samuel
    5.19 - Garrett Bradbury (not sure how he lasted to round 5).
    6.19 - Rashad Robinson

    1 - Christian Wilkins
    2 - Irv Smith Jr.
    3 - Elgton Jenkins
    4 - Jalen Jelks
    5 - Porter Guston
    6 - Trayveon Williams

    Round 1: Oliver and Wilkins were obviously gone and Simmons has been better than both. Point for JRob

    Round 2: Little was gone and Irv Smith was selected 1 pick before AJ Brown. Obviously Brown has been the superior player here. Point JRob

    Round 3: Austin Bryant was available but has sucked. Elgton Jenkins went in round 2. Nate Davis is a stud. Point to JRob

    Round 4: Samuel went in the 2nd round. Jelks drafted in the 7th round and has not made an impact. Hooker seems like a solid starter. Point JRob

    Round 5: Bradbury went in round 1. Gustin was an UDFA, and has a been a decent depth piece for Cleveland. Walker has already been cut. Advantage me, slightly.

    Round 6: Tryveon Williams got selected before we picked in this round and hasn't made much of an impact. I can't find that Rashad Robinson ever made an NFL practice squad. David Long has turned into a solid contributor. Point JRob.
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    Sweet. I got a Justin Jefferson receipt in there.
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    2018: A little more difficult since I didn't do a straight mock draft and JRob traded picks, Lets take a look:

    1. Round 1 Pick 20 (DET): Landry, Harold, OLB/DE, Boston College (B+)
      Round 2 Pick 26 (ATL): Allen, Marcus, FS, Penn State (A-)
      Round 3 Pick 25: Leonard, Darius, OLB/ILB, South Carolina State (B)
      Round 4 Pick 25: Fatukasi, Folorunso, DT, Connecticut (A)
      Round 4 Pick 26 (ATL): Allen, Brian, C, Michigan State (C)
      Round 5 Pick 25: Coutee, Keke, WR, Texas Tech (B+)
      Round 6 Pick 25: Smith, Ito, RB, Southern Miss (A+)
      Round 6 Pick 26 (ATL): Kuhnert, Austin, OG, North Dakota State (A-)

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    Round 1: I took Landry too early and we ended up trading up for him in round 2. Point to JRob here.

    Round 2: Marcus Allen didn't get drafted til the 5th round lol, and has played like a back-up level player. Landry was clearly the better choice here.

    JRob didn't have a 3rd round pick.

    Due to trades, I had us with 2 4th rounders. Fatukasi was available at both picks and has been very good. Cruikshank hasn't panned out as planned so far. Advantage me.

    Round 6, Ito Smith was drafted in round 4 and Kuhnert went undrafted and has never made a practice squad that I'm aware of. Falk is irrelevant too, but I suppose was a better pick than a guy who never made it in the NFL. Barely an edge to JRob.
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    This was my final mock last year. I thought a trade back in the first made the most sense. I think it's time to replace J Rob with J Falk.

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    Blacklock would have been on the board where you took him, but Arnett went #19, Akers #52, and Dillon # 62......that's what is crazy about the mock simulators is how far off in terms of where guys might be available.
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    I hate those simulators

    Theyre so ridiculous with the outcomes
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    No you don't. You can't declare you win when you could of only selected 1 player. It is easy to "win" when you're reaching for players that won't be available. The true test would be go back to the live draft board chat and see who you would of selected in real-time when the Titans were on the clock.

    This grade would be: Incomplete.
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    That's about where arnett and akers were getting mocked most the time last year. Hell I'm pretty sure fulton never fell to our pick in the 2nd in the simulators. You never know what's really gonna happen in the draft because there's teams like the raiders drafting.
  10. TitanWally

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    Yea i guess the point is you cant say you win vs Jrob when you have picked players that werent on the board at those picks, in real life.
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